day eight

while I really wanted to wear my coral skinnies and a bright blue top, I had to work today so I played it safe. I did however paint my nails coral and that counts for something :) plus the dress and shoes are definitely brighter than these pictures show...
one: shoes nine west and bag zara 
two: head to toe
three: necklace kate spade
four: more shoes
five: silk sash coach
six: head tilt?
seven: side view
eight: trench nordstrom
nine: and thats all she wrote

part of a complete breakfast

Dear Rabbit,

You got the Trix; If you actually ate the Trix instead of elaborating on the flavors, you would be able to taste them before those kids got them back.

Sincerely, get your head in the game.


day seven a la nyc

today's challenge was be inspired by a decade or region. naturally I went new yorker {all black} I'll admit with the infinite possibilities of that one head to toe black seems a bit boring, but come on it's monday people. boring it allowed.
one: black bow
two: earrings marc jacobs
three: back in black
four: with leopard flats  banana republic
five: top barney's & skinnies citizens of humanity 

I keep forgetting this... head over here to see what everyone else went with.

funny face for day six

when I saw this was a challenge I thought, "it's gotta be audrey" and this outfit popped right into my head. I gotta be honest I tossed this back on a few days later because I didn't have time to snap pics on the actual day. so its sadly a little plain jane with my lack of pony, but hey ya can't win em all. 

one: bust a move
two: long black tee shade
three: america's sweetheart
four: the loafers gap
five: this really reminds me of taylor, not sure why
six: the whole thing. pants jcrew

up next: bright colors!


fourth & fifth

ok, here's the catch-up for the weekend.
this one was really scary for me, haha but turned out to be super fun.
one: the whole thing. pardon the messy background
two: pants & shoes
three: patterns and bug eyes
four: with the coat

the next day was an "open to interpretation" with this image from jcrew as inspiration. I choose a VERY loose interpretation. haha. someone at church said "whoa watch out mad men" and I said "I'll take it!" you can't really tell how bright my purple skirt is from my dumb self-shot phone photos, but it was pretty bold.
one: the whole thing
two: up close
three: the other side
four: the bracelet
five: the shoes

I'm skipping the where they are from parts because I'm too lazy, hope nobody cares.
 I'm not a very good fashion blogger. 

sunday share. dance


e: at the beach

I shot some photos for ellie from the ellie life while home in CA. love beach shoots!

see the rest over here


tangerine tango for day three

the challenge for day 3 was embrace a trend. kayla gave the following examples:

-Skinny jeans 
-Winged eyeliner
-Drop waist dresses (think silhouettes from the 20s) 
-Polka dots - or stripes, if that's easier. They're still hanging on.
-Ballerina bun - probably dying but I refuse to let it go.
-70s style- wide legged jeans and maybe a little fringe (fun!)
-Tangerine (Pantone color of the year!) or graphic B&W
-I hesitate to even say this but...baseball caps. Apparently they're a thing this year. Several designers included them in their spring collections. Knock yourself out. 

I was totally inspired by the pantone colour of the year, since I happen to have a good amount of it. I also tried to rock some other trendy trends : knotted belt/mary janes
how did I do?
one: super posed
two: breaking out the real cam
three: necklace
four: tangerine
five: belt & bangle
six: mary janes
seven: side view
eight: that's all folks

shoes: nine west, tights: wink, dress: urban outfitters, wrap: old navy, belt: zara, bangle: nordstrom, necklace: vintage find from this day

{side note: these fleece lined tights are the most comfy winter tights on the planet. I highly recommend}

kodak moment

muy interesante, no?


blue for day two

this is a lot of iPhone photos of me. eek. 
& now that I think about it blue was kind of a boring choice, but it was still a challenge for me. mixing denims is still scary. haha. baby steps, people.

one: blue eyes
two: blue shoes
three: subway tiles?
four: side view
five: ...
six: blue lace
seven: blue beads
eight: blue bangle 

I guess I'm supposed to be saying where all these items are from, right? I'll get on that for day three.

paying it forward

I'm really on a role with the "challenges" right now so I figured... keep em coming. this year the women's groups at my church (relief society) have come up with monthly goals for service.

I spend a lot of time thinking about all the things I want to do for me in the new year (me, Me, ME!!!) so when they issued this challenge it felt like a great way to invite some balance. I made a few little tweaks and noted my plans for each month. (planning is my middle name)
January - Missionary Work: Because there has been a lot of talk of Mormonism in the media as of late it feels like a really good time to focus on how I can help my friends and neighbors understand the correct basic principals of the LDS faith.

February - Family History: I've always relied on others knowledge of my ancestry, but I think its high time I take some responsibly and start learning more about my roots in service of those to come. 

March - Temporal service (clothing donation, bring a meal to someone in need, babysit for someone, etc): Here I come Salvation Army post spring cleaning. Plus babysitting is what I do best! Call me up friends with babies, help me maximize my service for the month! :) 

April - Outdoor/Earth (park service or recycle etc): I'm already organizing a service project in Central Park with members of my ward. Check Check.

May - Serve another woman: I can think of plenty of deserving women in my life who I can do something nice for. 

June - Community Service: This one is going to take a little more brainstorming

July - Elderly (visit nursing home, write letters): This will definitely include J's grandmother.

August - Anonymous Service: I'm REALLY excited about this one. I'm thinking I'll take advantage of living in this city and do some bigger scale stuff.

September - Kids Service: Still brainstorming this one too. I'm thinking donation to the Perpetual Education Fund.

October - Service to poor (maybe a soup kitchen) I'm planning to get about 10 gift certificates for food/groceries and handing them to those in need. This is the perfect place for it.

November - Family Service: Planning to access this as it gets closer.

December - Self (you have been serving other people all year, get a mani/pedi or something, you deserve it!) Done and done!

the first day

ok so I was a little weak sauce on day one, but I'm picking up speed. tomorrow's challenge is monochromatic and I'm going blue.

one: vintage bow pin
two: skinnies/platforms
three: overly messy bun
four: cuffs
five: scary eyes?



 wanted to share these interesting interpretations of an iconic women and iconic art.
I have a special place in my heart for pieces like this that knead together convention & tradition to make something completely new. I am mostly made of sentimentality. I love the way the artist talks about how her idea unfolded. {see below translated somewhat poorly from french using google translate}
{see more here}

"This idea, as usual, was slow to take root. it starts one day in November 1967 with a gift of any tenderness.
It was pink, sparkling and extremely delicate. 
With the patience of an angel, my mother had, in secret, knitted for my Barbie doll a gown and a pair of tiny shoes! I seem to recall that there were other clothes, but shoes with the little pink bow on top, totally captivated me.

Then I grew up, the doll has disappeared, but the elegance and grace of this Barbie for my child remained with this little shoe at the bottom of a box of secrets.
So one day like this, the idea of ​​extending, in the images I like this piece of childhood, took shape. Barbie is often criticized as too blonde, too superficial, too skinny, too "great marketing", too this, too that. It is precisely this profile so famous that I wanted it to other iconic images.

Here is my exhibition "personal" birthday gift for my favorite doll superimposed on the vision of artists whose work I particularly like. 
They all be thanked for creating such strong images, thank you to Ruth Handler have imagined this "dress-up doll" who delighted my childhood."



I mean business

here's the situation: a big thing that is keeping me from meeting my fitness goals in accountability. now that I've put down some serious measurable goals, I think giving myself a little responsibility will really help me stay consistent. I'm not just working out... I'm training (sounds serious). 

+ loose X inches by 3/31 (the # is for just me to know)
+ 45 hrs of sleep weekly

+ daily walking (at least 10mins)
+ nike training club workouts (at least 3 times weekly)
+ no eating past 9pm
+ 1-2 plant based meals a day

to spare you from all the boring day to day details, I'm just going to post periodically if there was a failure. to keep myself accountable and hopefully motivate me. time to DO WORK!

sunday share.worthwhile


a little spice in my life

ya know what the worst part of winter is. (ok there are lots of awful parts) but what I'm seriously hating right now is the monotony of winter. always indoors... same sweaters, boots, and jackets on repeat. bla bla bla. so while I'm waiting for the sun to come back out I thought I'd try something a little fun to shake things up.

so I'm jumping on board with e for a little challenge from freckles in april. here's what its all about:

"If you're a newcomer to Freckles in April, last year I ran a 21 day outfit challengeI posted outfit prompts with inspiration pictures to help participants try new things and get more use out of their closets. I tried to keep the prompts accessible so anyone could do them but allow room for creativity for those who wanted to really push themselves. To see a few examples of prompts I used, go herehere or here. Also, you can see the Do's and Don'ts of the challenge right here. We had over 100 participants in the last round- I hope you'll join in this time!"

I think this is gonna be a fun way to get out of the habit of the same go-to stuff. plus hopefully I'll make some new friends while working out my creative side. here we go! I'll try and post my results and hope some of you guys join in too. challenge starts 1/22.



I've been busy...

//plaza going/ oliver snuggling/ pf chang's lettace wrap devouring/ nutcracker going/ red tight wearing/ marcel obsessing/ sugar cookie baking/ bendel shopping/ present wrapping/ ice skating/ custard enjoying/ christmas morning loving/ santa being/ settlers playing/ babysitting/ spencers missing/ bright color wearing/ target lusting/ sailing/ captain jordan hearting/ cinnamon roll making/ family time having/ bathrobe wearing/ grilled pineapple eating/ new nephew spoiling/ under the sea singing/ california soaring/ ferris wheel riding/ color-blocking/ stoller sitting/ disney fire works watching/ number 1 aunt aspiring/ apartment designing/ san diego loving/ in-n-out gorging//

whew! this was a crazy wonderful end of 2011/beginning of 2012. even though winter is my very least favorite season I do really love the start of a new year. it definitely give me a sense of renewed vigor to do more and do it better.
{now if I could figure out how to bottle that feeling up and get out at the end of february when the weather here makes me feel like jumping out a window.}

welcome 2012!


diana lynn

this is my little dizzle for rizzle:
I feel compelled on this the day of her birth to tell the world how much I love her so.
we've shared many a happy memory (and some growing pains too) and she has absolutely changed me for good.
we've lived together
traveled together
 & disney-ed together
we've made many a kissy face
and weird face
 & cheery face... to name a few
here we are as tiny babes on our first day of college classes. now we are all grown up & having babies of our own. ( well di is, I'm just getting ready to have them some day in the future)
love you always di! happy birthday!

sunday share. judgement


it wasn't even white

this year we decided {for a few reasons} to celebrate christmas in the city. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a little hard to miss out on christmas eve with my loud&giant family, but it was so many kinds of wonderful to have our own christmas just jordan and I. I put down in writing traditions were starting and planning to carry on with our own family, when it expands.

heres a few pictures of our holiday
we had a LOT of really good food. Im pretty certain I undid a lot of my hard work during 12/15-1/8, but I'm back on the train now and that counts for something, right?
some words of wisdom: be careful how much settlers you let into your relationships. its all fun and games until someone gets hurt. haha (but no really)



there are babies everywhere

on christmas eve morning, we woke up real early for a nice festive skate.
after a few rounds on the rink we had the whole gang over to our shoebox for toasty drinks and sugar cookies. yes sugar cookies for breakfast!!! 
{sugar cookies happen to be my specialty}
 it was a miracle we fit everyone in, but I guess half the guests were tiny people. just when J & I get into the married club everyone jumps ship for the with kids club. rude.
I love having people over. I'll be so happy when we can fit more than 3 1/2 in our living room, but until then I do love our cozy shoebox. the lack of space didn't phase any of our guests because it's just normal in this squished city.

plant life & trains

right before christmas we went up to the botanical gardens with the combs.
they do this train show in one of the greenhouses,which is really more about all the miniatures built of plants than the trains. 
mini twig penn station
gah! I hate my new hair cut. no more hair cutting groupons for random salons. lesson learned!
and the beard begins
oliver really had a good time I'd say.

only a few more 2011 posts and its about about 2012.


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