an apology

i've become a pretty firm believer in faking it until you make it, but ive also come to learn you can't always make it. you can only play your part. you cannot make someone see it your way, say they are sorry, or change their behavior. you can't make anyone do anything.

you can, on your own, practice acceptance.

this is me learning to accept.

trying to accept:
 what i cannot change
the mistakes i've made
the closure i don't have
 the apologies i never got

and trying to do better.


this weekend

so it's back to packin, but this time i'm more happy about it :) 
i'll be packing up a storm this weekend so i can high tail it out of here on monday to see alyssa & her new baby girl. i've been stocking up on plane reading material.
then jordan will be doing the heavy lifting while i'm away in WA. thanks jray. 

here's a few things for your friday

+ super cool project called dear photograph
+ seriously funny ad campaign for kmart
+ changing the way we see ourselves. real beauty by dove

surprises and sandygrams

another good old fashioned back-post. from the storm week. (go ahead and ignore)

a few nights before sandy. i can't remember now but this was lincoln center blanketted in a fresh sheet of snow. it was eery. sandy took so many of us by surprise.
here's the week of sandy in iphone pictures in the terribly wrong order because i'm too tired to fix them. my mom, sister, and niece were coming for a long weekend, but got stuck for 9 days instead. this brought us lots of surprises... and sorrows (sandy damage + barely making it to my uncle's funeral + missing halloween + trapped a studio with 5 people) but we made the best of it and had a blast.
sky at american girl
having a city halloween with a make shift costume (she'd made an incredible milk carton costume and her best friend at home was going to be the cookie... we had to make do with a cute witch)
 tired witches get piggy back rides from their aunts who love them.
 before sandy struck we got second row seats to see annie. so cute.
 i think sky could def hold her own against the star of the show
 stopping at my office to re-fuel 
 late night treat run
ward halloween party in which i executed with help from mom & sis in this last minute costume.
 we shake shacked of course
 what mom and i saw while keri & sky were at wicked
 eating dinner in times square
 we even ventured to economy candy and the tenement museum 
 lucky lottery winner!
 breakfast outing the morning of sandy
 sandy exploration at the boat basin
 just about everywhere
 stuck indoors. we kept our cool with tea, treats, and pride & prejudice 
 out to survey sandy damage and get fresh air
 reese's puffs help everything
enjoying time together

we did have a good time together even though it wasn't exactly how we planned, it turned into a blessing. i'm super grateful so many family & friends were able to come visit us in NYC!

oh and this article


a pot of pudding

wanted to share one of my favorite recent door to more posts. i'm having so much fun pumping out the creativity with my new job. i'm pushing myself and i'm loving it. who knew work could be so rewarding?!

fun little treat for earth month. are you celebrating our planet this month? I hope so. this monday is earth day people!! in the spirit of taking better care of the earth i've been devouring jessica alba's rad book. totally opening my eyes. i feel totally empowered educating myself and finding ways to be more natural. ok- enough rambling, will try not to be such a flakey blogger from here on out (it will be a lot easier now that i'm caught up on vampire dairies) 


everyday an adventure

the days are just melting away. haven't had much time to blog all the things I want to, but here are a few things I wanted to share:

+ too true, how I feel when I drive by my old high school 
+ cool image of 24 hours in internet
+ five minute gift idea (easter version, but could be for anything)
+ really cool musical time waster

p.s. what is everyone planning on doing with out reader??


ok fine...

maybe i'm a little homesick.

i'm still playing on vacation a little, bit. even though we are having fun here i can't quite feel settled. i'm still allowing myself to think of nyc as home.
& that's ok for now.


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