365 days later

i realized today that the one year mark of moving from NYC came and went. i didn't even notice it flying right on past me in a puffy uniqlo jacket. it might just be because i do genuinely like ut. wait WHHHHHAAAATTT? i know it's true. salt lake city really has made a little home in my heart. 

weird, but true.

i'm still a CA girl first and foremost, the rest is apparently part new yorker with a dash of salt lake lover. go figure. 

this went well

I can't take  it. 
see the rest here


no limits

all this running nonsense seems like FOREVER ago. somehow even without erica cheering me on i've committed myself to another half. i'm behind in training already... whoops.

i also convinced jordan to run with me, so now i have to be sure its super fun haha. 

even though the odds are against me i'm determined to conquer this beast :) 


december daily

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