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this is what you do if you are cleaning house and you are as weird as us.


rainbows and butterflies

every year the natural history museum hosts a special exhibit called the butterfly conservatory. I've been dying to check it out the past few year, but hadn't gotten around to it. this year I made time and saturday before last jordan and I spent the afternoon at our favorite museum (besides the frick) the conservatory holds about 500 butterflies (80 different kinds) and is toasty warm like the tropics. there are wings flapping everywhere.
I'll always be a sucker for the monarchs 
favorite shot I think
having a snack
ok I lied there were no rainbows, just lots and lots of butterflies.

gah, there's more!!

{thx sydney!}


a quarter of a century later

it was a birthday for the books, people.
+my first drive on the scooter
+birthday wishes at work
+sushi for lunch
+a fresh mani/pedi
+dinner by j
+a birthday video from family
+cake and ice cream the friends
+ben and jerry's with my guy and a chick flick
jordan made a vanilla fun-fetti double layered cake!
the view
making a wish and then cuttin into my own cake
 to polish off the night we did a little lucky balloon launch
 the beautiful ladies in my life.
 jordan put together a video of clips of my parents and siblings singing songs and wishing my happy birthday for our dinnertime entertainment. couldn't resist giving you a little highlight:

{thank you everyone for all the birthday texts, calls, and messages. it meant the world! I couldn't have felt more loved. I know I am one lucky lady.}

nyc to do

now that the sun has made an appearance (with the exception of last week), nyc has been keeping me so busy. we all know how I love to make lists. so it should come as no surprise that I keep a list of the things I like to do in nyc. Im certain I've forgotten a few. this is also a generic year round touristy type list. there should be an entirely different holiday list. one of these days I'll get my act together and fancy this up as its own page, but for now here's my list.

places to eat:
- Cafe Lalo (from you’ve got mail)
- GROM (gelato)
- Pomme Frites (french fries)
- Rice to Riches (rice pudding)
- The Cafeteria (sex and the city)
- Breads Papa (pastries)
- Sarabeth's (brunch)
- Max Brenner (chocolate by a bald man)
- Serendipity/ Dylan's candy bar/ cable cars (we put our names on the wait list for serendipity, go
to dylans and get ourselves a bag of treats, and take the cable car along the bridge to Roosevelt
Island and back, its right down the street and you can use you metro pass. It’s a great view of
the sky skyline at night)
- Alice's Tea Cup (next door to my apt on the west side)
- Pret a Manger (great little lunch place)
- Pinkberry (frozen yogurt)
- Grey’s Papaya (hot dogs)
- Crif Dog (also hot dogs)
- S’mac (all mac n cheese)
- Donut plant (donuts clearly)
- Shake Shack (burgers, fries, & shakes)
- Good enough to eat (brunch)
- Arte CafĂ© (italian)
- Otto (italian) 
- Eataly ***(my fav)
on the fancier side
- Park Avenue Winter (Or summer, spring, autumn depending on the season)

places to shop:
- MJ Trimmings *** (all ribbons and trimmings so fun)
- Mood (project runway)
- Poppy 
- Woodbury commons (biggest outlet mall ever)
- Zara
- H&M
- Flea Markets (you can look up local fleas online)

things to do/ see:
- the palace hotel (gossip girl)
- 5th Ave (this could take days, but def see the plaza hotel @ 59th, FAO Swartz toy store,
Bendels, Bergdorfs, and the apple store)
- The Moma (modern art museum)
- Broadway Shows (you can get cheap theater tickets in the top of times square)
- The Frick Museum ***(my favorite!!! mr. frick was a super rich art collector with a gorgeous
mansion on fifth ave, when died he donated his home and all the art to the city and they turned
his house into a museum)
- Wall street/ stock exchange/ downtown- then check out stone street (fun place to grab lunch)
- Brooklyn Bridge (walk over at dusk and grab an ice cream parlor on the dock)
- Chelsea Market and Highline Park (another fav)
- “Live” TV (regis and kelly, letterman, snl, trl ect)
- Top of the Rock (better view than empire state)
- Rent bikes and explore the city on wheels

other resources:
I always check nymag for ideas of what it going on that week and for that week’s sample


raindrops keep falling on my head

in honor of the grey sky and soggy air we've had all week (boo) here's a post about some prettier rain.
DIY baby mobile
needed (can be found at any craft store): 
+pretty paper
+small pinhead needles
+styrofoam circle
tie pieces of tulle around styrofoam 
glue batting in sections around top and bottom of your ring
make a raindrop stencil with some card stock
use stencil to cute raindrops from you pretty paper
glue two raindrops together with string running down the middle
repeat with desired number of raindrops and pin strings to styrofoam
pull your tulle ties together and tie a knot
wrap ends in a loop for hanging (I made a bow around that for cuteness factor)

inspired by this version 


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