fourth & fifth

ok, here's the catch-up for the weekend.
this one was really scary for me, haha but turned out to be super fun.
one: the whole thing. pardon the messy background
two: pants & shoes
three: patterns and bug eyes
four: with the coat

the next day was an "open to interpretation" with this image from jcrew as inspiration. I choose a VERY loose interpretation. haha. someone at church said "whoa watch out mad men" and I said "I'll take it!" you can't really tell how bright my purple skirt is from my dumb self-shot phone photos, but it was pretty bold.
one: the whole thing
two: up close
three: the other side
four: the bracelet
five: the shoes

I'm skipping the where they are from parts because I'm too lazy, hope nobody cares.
 I'm not a very good fashion blogger. 


  1. Can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the fashion posts!!!! Everything in my last J Crew was bold color blocks! Tough to do right, but you look great!!! Yes you are a good fashion blogger!

  2. Oo! I love the gingham and the polka dots! Pattern mixing was scary for me too at first, but then you start doing it all the time without realizing it. And that skirt! You should post where your items are from because I was looking to see where that skirt is from!

    North Meets South

    1. I thought it would be ok to be a lazy bones, sine nothing I'm wearing is new. the skirt is couple years old from F21, I'll do better on tonights post :)


thx a mill


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