let the games begin

did I mention that I like to go to the movies, especially midnight movies. oh yeah I think I did.
so naturally after securing tickets to the midnight hunger games showing erica and I made shirts. we followed these instructions which made it look easier than it is, but they came out pretty good. then we stamped "may the odds ever be in your favor" on back for good measure!
happy hunger games! 

wish I'd gotten a group shot.
also wish I hadn't been forced to wake up at 6:30am for a trip to DC after getting home at 3:30am after the movie. that was rough, but worth it.


get it girl

just wanted to share my latest 10K training playlist (called get it girl). there's a few really good pump-ups on there. I've done a couple 3 mile runs in the last week and I way proud. I know for most of you that's weak sauce, but it feels pretty big time for me. baby steps people.
{taken on thursday's run}

**brokenhearted: karmin
abracadabra: jessie j
don't wanna fall in love: pussy cat dolls
domino: jessie j
loverboy: mariah carey
your love's a drug: leighton meester
diamond girl: ryan leslie
tonight is the night: outasight
too close: alex clare
everybody talks: neon trees
turn me on: david guetta & nicki minaj
turn up the music: chris brown
good girl: carrie underwood
part of me: katy perry
stronger: kelly clarkson
call me maybe: carly rae jepsen
we are young: fun.
let me be your star: smash soundtrack 
boyfriend: justin bieber

cool down:
over you: miranda lambert
i won't give up: jason mraz
sky: josua radin & ingrid michealson
eyes open: taylor swift
come away to the water: maroon five 

** super good


the snow is gone

spring is here & I feel happy.
happy to feel:
the sun on my face
the breeze in my hair
the push of something to come
the stretching of my limbs for a higher place
and a hum in heart

these are the days


just me and my sweetarts

"The most amazing thing about living in a city like New York is that any night of the week you can go to Paris."  
- Carrie Bradshaw 
last week I went to see The Artist. just little old me and a bag of treats. I sat in the mezzanine right in the middle and devoured sweets under the light of the sliver screen. a good movie is one of my favorite things, solo or in good company. I don't go alone very often, but when I get the chance it always a good time. sometimes alone is just plain lonely, but on the right occasion it can also be quite lovely.  


I need your help photo peeps

cant decide
so here is my dilema:
I've been waiting FOREVER to upgrade my camera body. its really about time. the new canon 5D just came out making the mark II much more affordable. I am having a serious struggle on what is the smartest long term choice. should I get the better mark III or the more affordable mark II and get a new lens. which I also desperately need.

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

please give me any input you might have. I can't make the decision on my own.


just doing it

it seems like I am always giving myself a reason to get out of the things I need to be doing. it was a long day at work, that trip to the grocery store was a nightmare,  I'm too tired today... bla bla bla. but the truth of it is: 

tomorrow is getting really old.
tomorrow is not working.
 TODAY is the new tomorrow.

 today I'm going to do my training even if I don't get home until 9:30pm. today I am going to get to bed before midnight even if it means I skip watching some TV with J after the gym. today I am going to thoroughly wash my face, floss, and say my prayers even if I am in a hurry to get to the bed, and today I am going to do better than I did yesterday, because today is really all I have!
I took this last week after I went to a fun dance class, but then made myself do my 10K training when I got home. seriously I felt so proud of myself after just doing it that one small victory carried me the rest of the week through of my healthy 2012 plan. so even if there seems like plenty of reasons to let myself off the hook just this time I'm going to stick to it. I'm going to JUST DO IT no matter what.


lipstick jungle

spring has sprung in NYC. (so hoping it stays this way for a long time) since the city is springin I though I'd share some of my spring beauty favs: I love benefit glosses they smell amazing to me and I get a kick out of all that brand's witty names and packaging. then we've got the two arrojo hair products, I'm in love with that place. these aren't really spring favs I use them all year round. both the styling whip and the holding spray are light but totally effective and SMELL ridiculously good. its a luxe smell not a synthetic smell, like a day at the spa not a fruit snack and I love that. I just tried the smashbox hydrating powder after numerous recommendations and so far I'm loving it. I'm also all about "cream" products, anything that gives my skin a glow so I love stilla's convertible color. goes on eyes lips and cheeks. I got a sample of kate spade's twirl at my last sephora trip and its a perfect spring scent. and lastly a good essie polish. geranium is one of my favs, I love bright polish. I should probably start wearing nudes and matte colors like a grown-up but I'm not going to anytime soon!
Spring Favs


where I am now

for my 10K training I've been running around the reservoir. it reminds me a lot of the pond in hyde park and london naturally. I can't believe it's been four years since I lived there. I am dying for a visit across the pond but, in exchange I will definitely take the views in my neck of the woods. they are pretty breathe-taking. which leads me to thinking about how much time I spend longing for something. I'm trying to pin point what is a healthy amount of wanting that keeps me reaching higher, but not so much so that I can't enjoy the now. I have a friend who begins almost every sentence with "I'll be happy when...." and it pains me that she can't seem to enjoy where she is right now. 

I don't want to miss out on enjoying where I am because I'm thinking about where I have been or could be. 


once upon a saturday morning

a good portion of my weekends start early (unfortch) but early bird gets the worm right? anyway all I got this time was an empty subway, which was surprisingly kind of a treat
after my shoot in the park I got myself some breakfast
and headed back again. still no one is up
where we live


luck of the irish

the new york state lotto is 200 million as of today. when my co-worker went downstairs to buy a ticket this afternoon she graciously offered me one of her millions if she wins. 
"and birkins for the the whole office too" 
naturally I started a st.patty's shopping list, just in case. 

st patty's day


don't mess with texas

I'm in no way the chef in our house but I do know few thing about breakfast (thx to my dad who is a breakfast making master)
last saturday I gave jordan a pretty fine display of my breakfast skills, if I do say so myself, with some texas french toast. its pretty basic (which is probably why I am good at it) 

you'll need: 
+ 1/2 loaf texas toast 
+about 6 eggs eggs (depends of thickness of toast)
+ about 1 tbsp almond extract (vanilla works too)
+ about 1/2 tsp cinnamon
+toppings of your choice

just whip up eggs, almond extract, and cinnamon. coat your toast and cook in a frying pan on medium heat. 


baby h

see the rest here

bon appetit

before marylynn & scott left us (tear) we all went and took a cooking class at the culinary institute. it was INTENSE. I came away with a whole new appreciation for chefs. 
this was our menu:
Classic Shrimp Cocktail
 Clams Casino
 Grilled New York Strip with Beurre MaĆ®tre d’
 Filet Mignon au Poivre with Cognac-Cream Sauce
 Grilled Center-Cut Double Pork Chops with Bourbon-Mustard Glaze
 Caesar Salad
 Leaf Spinach with Cream Sauce
 Whipped Truffled Potatoes
 and Almond Bread Pudding with Brandy Sauce 
we worked pretty dang hard for about 4 hours. 
one of the best parts for me was watching the chef work. he never set a timer or measured anything. he would reach right into a pot of boiling water to poke a potato, it was miraculous to watch him work using his super chef senses and instincts. 
J was pretty good too! :)
at the end we all sat down and ate our hearts out! don't worry this was just one of the many plates J and I shared. after four hours of cooking in a kitchen like that we were starved and we definitely feasted! 


here we go

I did very brave thing for myself and registered for the ny mini women's 10K in central park. the thought of running for any extended period of time greater than 15 minutes straight terrifies me. I mean I feel like curling up in a ball under my desk just thinking about it, but I'm running with a group of girlfriends in support of mitt romney so at least I have a cause I believe in and good friends behind me. I'm also kind of excited about doing something that is totally foreign to me (even if it is as terrible as running). these wimpy legs have never ever run 6 miles so it's kinda fun to think I'm going feel something totally new. like I said before, I'm on a quest to see what I'm made of. so next week is week one of this training program. I'll probably break it up a bit since I have some more time before the race and I have wimpy legs. 

wish me luck!


"life makes love look hard"

thanks for those lyrics tswift. am I right thought? tswift speaks the truth! sometimes life really does make love look hard. through the fog of an unmade bed, tired limbs, piles of laundry or dishes, crowded streets, and just general business it can be hard to clearly see the lovely things life.

every so often I have to do a mental wind shield wipe of the all the stuff that's clouding my vision of what really matters or I find myself lost in a haze of mundane. and other times {like today} when I'm not expecting it at all a little reminder of love brings sunbeams that brighten up my fogged mind. it makes me want to be that bright part of J's day all his days too. and those little reminders of the love in my life make me want to be a better woman, friend, daughter, sister, aunt...

here's to the lovely things!


spring cleaning

step one: mentally divide house into sections (closets, drawers, bathroom, kitchen...)
I start with the bedroom closets, then drawers and work my way out around the house.

step two: start with first section and empty everything
this is fun part because often times I find treasures in the back corners I forgot I had.

step three: wipe down/vacuum

step three: organize/color coordinate items separating out unused or unwanted items
I'm really into the color coordinating thing. it helps give me a guide line of organization when there isn't necessarily an obvious way to arrange things. it also looks so nice when maintained.

step four: survey giveaway & toss it piles
well I'm reorganizing I make three piles:
giveaway part I= definitely don't need to keep and II= probably don't need to keep, but not totally ready to let go of
and toss it which is for the trash.

step five: cash in my three saves
I give myself 3 saves. three things I'm allowed to change my mind about or hold on to even though I don't need to. it just makes me feel better :)

step six: try to wear items from the not sure pile for the following week 
I try things on from the not sure pile and give my self a week to wear or use them. if it doesn't get worn/used its a goner.

step seven: discard/giveaway
and feel cleansed

I also do a "spring cleaning" on the less obvious things too. my social media accounts, photo albums, iTunes... this isn't so much a cleansing as a reorganizing usually, but it feels just as good.

what are your spring cleaning rituals?


february daily

1: dress up a coat 2:mags 3: TJs and my new bag 4:kyle on tori & dean 5: meetings 6: vday cookies 7: mailing valentines 8:cake truffles 9:crafting/paintings night 10: lazy 11:bacon pancakes 12: note to self- start spring cleaning early 13: blue eyes weird facial expression 14: LOVE 15: photo shoot 16: c-cap event 17: grey’s tears 18: city bakery chocolate 19: I missed you coach 20: lyrics 21: chili davis 22: sandal weather in February ok by me 23: babysitting heaven 24: pinkberry Friday 25:early morning shoots & sbux 26:central park and city skyline 27: limes 28: steps class 29: spring cleaning officially started 


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