central park

gah. fall of last year I took a photography course at NYU on capturing NYC. it was dreamy. i just dug up some of the snaps I took one class in central park at night. my heart skipped a beat as i thought about going back there this fall. i could feel the wind in my hair as i imagined running the reservoir with erica and i swear i could smell the nuts 4 nuts. 
the rink + my office building
my all time fav


june daily

1: scooting around on the office tour 2: salt lake valley//sandy sundays 3: home sweet home 4: getting my jazz on again 5: best documentary ever 6: the honest life 7: still unpacking//organizing 8: neighbor kitty 9: jordans childhood home 10: wall art 11: garden 12: pies! 13: desk set up 14: the davies 15: mom helped decorate 16: fathers day 17: sky at bball camp 18: whiting tour 19: thanksgiving point 20: first big studio shoot 21: p town 22: tortilla bar 23: product shoot 24: dinner with shaysh 25: styling 26: maj target purchase 27: studio shoot heaven 28: florals 29: coming together 30: sleeping with the lights on til august


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