nouveau départ

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein

After what seems like a lifetime of frustrations in my lack of ability to meet certain goals, it occurred to me that you try as I might I cannot meet new goals with the same tactics. I've been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish for this new year and while it probably seems fairly obvious I'm just barely beginning to see that what I would normally do to accomplish those things clearly is just not going to get me where I want to be.
so the question is, what will? what will get me there?
 {hint : the answer starts with c and ends with hange}

this year I'm resolving to do it differently


winters eve

carrying on with the catching up, winters eve 2011:
every year they have a winter celebration in Columbus Circle/Lincoln Center to kick off the holidays. there's live music, tons of food and plenty of merriment. 
 erica and I met up for our after work sbux ritual and then wandered the streets munching and chatting. 
we ran into a bunch of different friends from the neighborhood and slade snapped a few pictures for us. I love stuff like that about this city.

fun winter times.


see the rest over here


t day {better late than never}

taking this week to do a little catch up, so here's turkey day:
we got together with the gang for turkey day this year since we were all staying in the city. we divided up all the staples. J and I were in charge of sweet potatoes, rolls, apple pie/ice cream and something else I'm forgetting now that its a month after the fact.
this new recipe/new oven put last years potato debacle to rest and finally redeemed my potato cooking skills in Jordan's eyes {thank goodness}sorry that's a through the oven shot.
you have to be VERY careful or pie crust from scratch can drive you to full blown insanity. 
 that braiding business is harder than it looks. especially when you have to lift it all up because you forgot to put the pieces of butter over the apples. 
I die for Ava's cheeks 
the best turkey I've ever had, for real. {sorry mom} thanks to hg and slade.
no meal complete without a dash of weirdness
pause for a jig by baby F 
bon appetit
side note: I think my friends would probably say I'm an infamous baby-talker. I can't help it, I truthfully don't even realize I'm doing it sometimes. when I'm near a baby I just brighten up a bit and my voice gets all syrupy as a result. anyways the point of this side note is to say whenever I'm around oliver my baby talking morphs into the same kind as andrea's. I start calling him buddy in the exact same inflection as she does. maybe I'm subconsciously trying to trick ollie into thinking I'm his mom so I can steal him away in the night. if he ever goes missing you'll know where to find him.
extra side note: I also rock side to side bouncing a bit when I'm standing next to someone who is holding a baby even though all I'm holding is my handbag. maybe I need a few more baby-less friends...
there is much to be grateful for and I want to do a better job of showing it.
I'm ready for a new year filled with thankfulness. 

Dear Dryer,


limited time offer

I'm having a special promotion on mini-sessions while I am in California. 
email me if you have any questions or if you are interested in booking. 

take a look over here.


this little tree of ours

{this was a guest post for my number one girl crush. coming soon.}
here lies my little tree 
{and messy entry table}
I am a real tree advocate through and through. the smell of a tree in our home is a crucial part of the holiday for me and so I have insisted that we bring one home every year.
 {even though the first year it cost more than a weeks worth of groceries because I let that sneaky street seller rob me blind}
& because I am also a california girl through and through I have covered said real tree with sea stars and shells. I try to wrap up the presents for under the tree well in advance because everything just seems more chrismassy that way, so these have been down there for awhile. 
{even if this year they are just brown paper packages tied up with string}
and just in case you wanted to see 16 more tiny hipstamtic pictures of my tree... your wish is my command
{apparently my tree likes the spotlight} 
cheers to you and yours
happy christmas


I've been busy...

//trader joe-ing/frances snuggling/idol meeting/xmas believing/trapper hat&red lipstick wearing/tight loving/thoughtfully reflecting/tree trimming/crafting/hot coco drinking/supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-ing/sparkling/party going/xmas movie watching/bundling/party having/santa skating/tea drinking/popcorn eating/xmas card (with my photos on them) getting/subway riding/tree glowing/together-ing/smiling/treasure hunting//

.happy december.


"first of all, ew"

This is literally everywhere online so don't hate me for posting it again. I just needed to have it somewhere I can find it always for a good laugh out loud.

I just watched it three times in a row and laughed every time.

you try!


ode to huck {and nat and brandon too}

but mostly huck
because he is the most cutest.
you know where you can check the rest
{also check out nat's blog}


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