adios brashers

a few weeks ago
{before my massive vacation}
some really dear NY friends moved away to TX. 
 while I'm happy for them as they take off on a new adventure, I am oh so sad to see them go.
I've been babysitting these sweet boys for years. Mackenzie was pregnant with Sam and Luc was the smartest preschooler I'd ever met. we've spent many afternoons at the park, rainy days at the library and nights of board games and trains together. 
I'm ashamed to say there were some tears on my part  at my last goodbye with L&S.
even though they didn't notice because they were super into the pizza that was for dinner I think hope these guys remember me as a friend :)
before I said goodbye to the boys, the girls gathered to send Mackenzie off.
I hope she know how much we all, and me especially love and miss her!
M and her family have been wonderful friends and I can't wait to hear all about their new home.
{texas forever}


german pancakes & hurricane irene

well... we came back from target last night, with some waterbottles.
BARELY and I mean barely.
 it was crazytown in there... so many people, so many empty shelves. finally they started selling the individual bottles meant for the vending machines and we snatched some up to add to our supply.

I had gone to the CVS on our corner earlier in the day and grabbed 4 fiji bottles. then I watched the news and realized that wasn't really gonna cut it.

there is a large possibility all this hurricane business is nothing, but a lot of rain, but we got lots of supplies just in case. 
(hence the $ Jesus candles)
naturally I stacked, organized, and took inventory of all our supplies.
its what I do.

then I said forget you Irene & made german pancakes.


we moved

after a roller-coaster summer we are officially settled in our new apartment. 
minus the painting which I am postponing until the weather gets worse. it feels so good to have a nice indoor project on a snowy day... plus I can't decide on the right colors {that could take awhile}

last night after I really tidied everything up, now that we are back from summer holiday, Jordan said, "can we keep it like this?"
I of course responded with, "can you  keep it like this?"

but all jokes aside I really do enjoy taking care of our home. Jordan told my brother when were in california that he hadn't done the dishes once since we moved in... followed by "dude, I'm telling ya buy a woman new stuff and she'll do everything, she likes to look over it all while she's cleaning I swear."



honey, I'm home...

well everybody Im home.
{home as in new york city}

stay tuned for loads of pictures from the trip.


once upon a time...

we were just two students at BYU-Idaho.

now we are mr. & mrs.
with two years, two homes, and two careers under our belts.

feels pretty good.

{happy anniversary love}


come one... come all...

I'm so glad you are here
artwork via stacey ord

I am thrilled to welcome you to my new happy place. I literally feel {on top of the world}
It's cozy here, don't you think?

This is the place where tell the story of our lives (hubski &I) 
The two of us in the city, scooting through life.
I hope you join us for the ride.

there is still a bit of work to be done so pardon the construction here and there. 


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