I mean business

here's the situation: a big thing that is keeping me from meeting my fitness goals in accountability. now that I've put down some serious measurable goals, I think giving myself a little responsibility will really help me stay consistent. I'm not just working out... I'm training (sounds serious). 

+ loose X inches by 3/31 (the # is for just me to know)
+ 45 hrs of sleep weekly

+ daily walking (at least 10mins)
+ nike training club workouts (at least 3 times weekly)
+ no eating past 9pm
+ 1-2 plant based meals a day

to spare you from all the boring day to day details, I'm just going to post periodically if there was a failure. to keep myself accountable and hopefully motivate me. time to DO WORK!


  1. I have difficulty sticking w/ things if I'm not accountable or have some concrete goal. That's why I decided to do a half-marathon. Want to join in?

    1. sounds rough, but good for me. what are the details?

    2. Well...I haven't found one yet. Most are on Sunday. :( But when I find one, I'll let you know. If you want, I can also send you training schedules I've gotten from other people.

    3. fantastic, its probably a good thing to do in the winter :)

  2. Go kaitlyn! I held Myself accountable by blogging everyday about my workouts, super boring for everyone reading, but great for me! It seriously worked, knowing I had to report somewhere! Good luck!

  3. girl. I am with you. this girl in my ward wrote out a 5 month exercise plan for me. she is a fit fit girl. im about to post it. I didn't want to post it till i was a good few weeks into it....so I knew i was really sticking to it. xoxo

  4. Way to have a goal and stick to it!

    Ps. I totally agree with signing up for some sort of race. It's the only thing that keeps me consistently motivated & working toward something. California has tons of them, you should do one & plan a trip home!


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