tangerine tango for day three

the challenge for day 3 was embrace a trend. kayla gave the following examples:

-Skinny jeans 
-Winged eyeliner
-Drop waist dresses (think silhouettes from the 20s) 
-Polka dots - or stripes, if that's easier. They're still hanging on.
-Ballerina bun - probably dying but I refuse to let it go.
-70s style- wide legged jeans and maybe a little fringe (fun!)
-Tangerine (Pantone color of the year!) or graphic B&W
-I hesitate to even say this but...baseball caps. Apparently they're a thing this year. Several designers included them in their spring collections. Knock yourself out. 

I was totally inspired by the pantone colour of the year, since I happen to have a good amount of it. I also tried to rock some other trendy trends : knotted belt/mary janes
how did I do?
one: super posed
two: breaking out the real cam
three: necklace
four: tangerine
five: belt & bangle
six: mary janes
seven: side view
eight: that's all folks

shoes: nine west, tights: wink, dress: urban outfitters, wrap: old navy, belt: zara, bangle: nordstrom, necklace: vintage find from this day

{side note: these fleece lined tights are the most comfy winter tights on the planet. I highly recommend}


  1. Love love your shoes! I've been doing the challenges but I haven't been brave enough to post any pics of my outfits... Today I did mixed patterns stripes and leopard print. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

  2. i LOVE this outfit! tangerine and knotted belts? i die. also, i have some fleece-lined leggings, and i have lived in them this winter.

    North Meets South

  3. Replies
    1. http://www.vespatales.com/2012/01/little-spice-in-my-life.html


      a fashion blogger friend of mine from NYC is doing it, so I jumped on board. its been really fun. do it!

  4. YAY orange! This whole outfit is gorgeous. Those shoes in particular are to die for. You look amazing!

    Freckles in April


thx a mill


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