is it just me?

“A man who is master of himself can end a sorrow as easily as he can invent a pleasure. I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.”
-Oscar Wilde

does anyone else ever feel like a recovering alcoholic at a cocktail party?

some days it feels like I'm am constantly fighting off temptation of some kind...
{shopping too much, eating too much... being lazy, being late, being careless}
it feels I spend so much of my time/energy trying not to give into impulses and feeling guilty when I don't do my best.

I'm with Oscar on this one, it's about time to figure out how to dominate.
one temptation at time


among other things...

the past few weeks have been full of:
twinkling lights//crafting//tree hunting//shooting//cooking//salted caramel chocolate frap having//shopping//more shooting//and christmas decorating//

and we are just getting started.


... like that

I'd like to give the genius behind these commercials a big fat kiss for putting so many smiles on my face.


count your blessings

I'm so thankful for:
 jordan. family. dance. fall in new york city. the sea. sweets. free will. photography. the sun. the us of a. my job

& the less important things:
mochi. clorox wipes. apple. pinterest. lip gloss. crate & barrel. peppermint joes. passion iced tea. apple tv.
tivo. fluffy white towels. jet blue. blogging. fresh flowers. handbags. throw pillows. nordstrom. stationary.  nail polish. candles. poloroids.

{happy t*day everyone}


why, yes I did

 I somehow wrangled the girls into joining me for the midnight breaking dawn showing.
we arrived a mere two hours early in our converse (& me in my pjs) with our totes of goodies/snacks in hand. 
If I was being honest (which I clearly I am) I'd tell you I did let out a cheer when the hunger games preview showed up. I surprised even myself with the excitement I felt for that one.
we had a pretty good time chit-chatting, snacking, movie watching, & jacob loving. then we carried our tired selves home. finally at 3am I shut my little eyelids and passed out. 

waking up today was a little rough. (my first words may or may not have been I'm so tired I'm gonna puke) for some strange reason jordan was making cookies at 645am this morning (blatantly disregarding my pleas to "pipe down")... but I must say if you have to wake up to a twilight hangover that's the way to do it. 
the smell of warm cookies is a cure-all. 


busy bee

I've been busy busy lately. what can I say... I just can't get enough of central park. every morning we take the park drive from our apt to work on our little red scoot & I must say I'd question my ability to live it this city without things like that. the leaves right now are INSANE. today's drive went like this:
K: this is so beautiful its ridiculous
J: it kinda hurts your eyes its so pretty
new york is filled with spectacular backdrops for photos but I'll never tire of the park.
see the whole story over here.


california dreamin: final episode

the last few tidbits from the far too long CA mini series. 
bryn climbed in with saylor early in the morning. I could hear them chatting away on the baby monitor. that little sneak.
so innocent
pancake breakfast
there is nothing like this little tug on your legs
carson the question asker drilling uncle J
so happy to see mama
mom and dad brought presents
then we went over to grandma & grandpa's
jumped on the bed
had some more breakfast
played dolls
then it was time to go
the goodbye part is always the worst.


california dreamin: episode X

park day...
I think its safe to say brittany LOVES the swings.
spenc was poorly equip for this sword fight
Im crazy in love with these kiddos


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