off to eat loads of candy...

enjoy yourself friends!


found this stellar collection of sea images by mark laita

wish I could buy a series for a long hallway... but since we currently lack much length of any variety in our home I'll just have to resign to lusting over the web.



if this isn't legit, than I don't know what is.


add your own to the tumblr feed here


california dreamin: episode V

lemonade stand...
step one: marketing
step two: location
step three: cuteness factor
step five: dont let the heat get to you
step six: test the product
step seven: always add more
step eight: do work


sunday share. being

“The deeper that sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain."

-Kahlil Gibran

hair by hillary

this is my friend (and sister)... hillary
she's a fantastic friend.
the kind that comes over to hang out and ends up cutting you mom, sister, and dad's hair.
if I had remembered to take a before and after you could see what a great job she does.
& today is her birthday!

I wish I were there to celebrate with you!

somehow I feel like you've got the whole celebrating business covered with or without me.


california dream: episode IV

over the summer pops took all the grandkids to the store for supplies and came back with smore ingredients. a typical maneuver.
so after a day at the pool we circled up for some mallow chocolate goodness. 

there is something magical about smores.
whenever I have one I feel like I'm going back in time.

as a kid my mother the social butterfly would arrange these family nights with her friends and their families in the summertime.
we would all park it on the soft sand at the beach and eat dinner with a backdrop of the sunset. then we sit around the fire-pit, eat smores, and laugh.

I miss those days. 

somehow the marshmallow shake at stand isn't quite the same.
close... but not the same



awhile back I roped erica into going to bloggers night out with me.
after sweltering the whole way there in my wide leg jeans and sweater, I tied (literally tied) my hair in a knot and put on my party face.
 (expression above it not said "party" face it's the "event photographer keeps taking photos of us and I awkwardly don't know what to do" face)

we had a blast though. 
erica got to meet some of her blogging idols and I won a free pair of shoes.

YAY blogging!


california dreamin: episode III

bed and bath time...
while I was babysitting in california my favorite part of the day was bath time. it usually meant lots of cuteness and cuddles.
beware: its all fun and games until you don't let her change the water temp by pulling on the facet handle
then this happens
mayday mayday: get the towel, get the lotion, get the clean PJs STAT.
emergency retraction of baby from sink
warm jams
drink of water
happy baby again
snuggle time


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