merry + bright: xmas eve

this is our second year staying the city for the holiday (last year didnt totally count since we made it CA for new years) it's hard to be away from family, but we've always have good times with our family here. the city is quiet and kinda magical and i'm glad we decided to celebrate here. it felt like a fitting way to start the final goodbyes. our sweet friends the berns hosted a lovely dinner party on christmas eve.
everything was festi-fied and i loved it.
ah the tiny tree boutonnière
sorry dawn- lost your face on this one.
lexi & ava rockin the piano
how the grinch stole christmas of course
those two are TROUBLE MAKERS
this didn't get old at all...
i may or may not have over done it on the sugar cookie making (but they are worse things right?!)
hahaha that face
kiddos everywhere!
ring around the rosie can get ugly if you're not careful (especially if you have to share your mom)
then we attempted a group picture... took some wrangling 
but we got one

{happy christmas 2012}


snaps in between speed walking

i haven't even had time to post about shay's most recent trip to nyc... boooooo! shay posted some highlights and eventually i'll put together my pictures too, but until then i'm tossing up some of the shots we snapped while racing through the park on our 3rd of 4th attempt to win the wicked lottery (dont worry we finally did!) yay for pretty shay!
thats my girl!


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