showering rhyll

we are only 10 days away from the big wedding day and preparations are in FULL swing, i feel like i'm working on 3 weddings :) 
last saturday i threw a little shower for my sister to be. i took lots of pictures of the details while setting up and then i was toto busy enjoying the party to do much else. haha. 
VGs donuts and sister's cinnamon bread
yay for parties and weddings!


april daily

1: deer spotting on my walk 2: mighty love 3: crafting 4: hurry up baby k 5: lax 6: date with shay 7: vampire diaries #teamdamon 8: fierce 9: bowl full of flowers 10: dental visit 11: trying on bridesmaid dresses 12: guru date 13: dots and strips to bunch at communal 14: reading material 15: foggy Y 16: babysitting 17: bridal shower invites 18: avocado toast changed my life 19: packing up 20: out of graham canyon 21: started alias 22: travels 23: snugs 24: more snugs 25: rolls 26: fake sad 27: shakes 28: sunday drive 29: soup kitchen 30: mixed feeling


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