this is where I tell the tales of my life.
J+me+our lola{the shiny red one above}= our life here{new york city}
I started blogging years ago when I lived in London to keep a record of my travels and I've continued using it as a place to store my thoughts, stories, and many many pictures. 

I'm originally a san diego girl who relocated to the city the summer J and I were married. I'm one part city girl one part beach bunny. I'm a dancer, photographer, list-maker, and terrible cook who loves all the shades of color blue and hates forgetting things. I have17 nieces and nephews who I adore beyond belief.

things that make me happy: J, ballet flats, photography, the ocean, next day hair, mochi, mad men, hot tamales, ryan goseling, dinseyland, bethenny frankel, fresh basil, ribbons, water parks, cardigans, texting, nordstrom, stationary, peonies, candy, trader joes, the wind in my hair, blogging & YOU.



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