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I'm really on a role with the "challenges" right now so I figured... keep em coming. this year the women's groups at my church (relief society) have come up with monthly goals for service.

I spend a lot of time thinking about all the things I want to do for me in the new year (me, Me, ME!!!) so when they issued this challenge it felt like a great way to invite some balance. I made a few little tweaks and noted my plans for each month. (planning is my middle name)
January - Missionary Work: Because there has been a lot of talk of Mormonism in the media as of late it feels like a really good time to focus on how I can help my friends and neighbors understand the correct basic principals of the LDS faith.

February - Family History: I've always relied on others knowledge of my ancestry, but I think its high time I take some responsibly and start learning more about my roots in service of those to come. 

March - Temporal service (clothing donation, bring a meal to someone in need, babysit for someone, etc): Here I come Salvation Army post spring cleaning. Plus babysitting is what I do best! Call me up friends with babies, help me maximize my service for the month! :) 

April - Outdoor/Earth (park service or recycle etc): I'm already organizing a service project in Central Park with members of my ward. Check Check.

May - Serve another woman: I can think of plenty of deserving women in my life who I can do something nice for. 

June - Community Service: This one is going to take a little more brainstorming

July - Elderly (visit nursing home, write letters): This will definitely include J's grandmother.

August - Anonymous Service: I'm REALLY excited about this one. I'm thinking I'll take advantage of living in this city and do some bigger scale stuff.

September - Kids Service: Still brainstorming this one too. I'm thinking donation to the Perpetual Education Fund.

October - Service to poor (maybe a soup kitchen) I'm planning to get about 10 gift certificates for food/groceries and handing them to those in need. This is the perfect place for it.

November - Family Service: Planning to access this as it gets closer.

December - Self (you have been serving other people all year, get a mani/pedi or something, you deserve it!) Done and done!

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