i do love you nyc, but we need a break. leaving for ca and i can't wait! forecast is 70 degrees. JOY TO THE WORLD!

+ the truth about holiday gift guides
+ push button (this video is so funny!)
+why is it that socks feel fine until you get them inside boots and all of the sudden they are intensely itchy?!! someone tell me why!
+ where can i get a cute laptop case, for a deal? thinking about forking out for this one

k thats all. adios!



new member of the family

cant wait to meet my newest nephew in a few days!!!!!
{i'm in love with him already}


free yourself

"Whether you believe it or not, there’s some old belief or negative mindset that you’re holding onto that’s keeping you from achieving something in your life or getting to the next level in some area." 

 sweet diana reminded me of this. too true.


gone adventuring


been barely keeping my head above water so there's lots to catch up on, but in the meantime>> HAPPY WEEKEND

+you are full on kidding me with this shoot
+another vote for winter white
+private pin boards... FINALLY
+favorites joining up disney+barney's and top shop + nordstrom
+she does it again, how pretty are those shots.
+checking in on this... next week


october daily

1: shoot at coney island 2: londonders together 3: ringing in fall 4: date night 5: hbd to on of my very most favs 6: annual xmas shoot in brooklyn this year 7: baby O turns one 8: pumpkin rooibos tea 9: trying to train 10: whole foods lecture 11: peach jam! 12: five layer dip & nashville 13: spencers are here 14: williamsburg 15: soupy day 16: tv watching 17: macarons 18: crafty 19: bells are here 20: peter and the star catcher 21: family dinner 22: serendipity 23: errands 24: still trying to train 25: <3message 26: dessert 27: dinner out 28: the frick 29: sandy watch 30: cozies 31: black and orange 


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