it gets better with trust

can I start by saying, I know this can be a very sensitive subject. my opinions and comment in this post honestly come from a place of love.

a few months ago I saw this video floating around facebook. I watched it a couple times. I found myself bringing it up in conversation with a lot of my friends, particularly those who are LDS, in the weeks following. after lots of taking/pondering with friends and family my mind has been opened in many ways and I wanted to share my thoughts here.

while I initially felt good things about the fact that these types of conversations among my mormon peers are happening I have to admit I felt some sadness after watching this clip. I think the ultimate goal of this video was to ignite hope, but it left me feeling more the opposite. I was uplifted to hear personal experiences about the peace and joy that comes from accepting yourself and coming to know God, but I couldn't help ask, what next? what do you do after you've accepted yourself... what does you life look like after that...

I couldn't stop thinking about it. then I read this story. it is certainly not the way it works for everyone, but it was incredibly eye opening for me. it is a detailed personal account of a man who is gay and chose to be in a heterosexual marriage. like I said not for everyone, but reading his experience helped me to see that there are answers. there are more approaches than the ones I've experienced or have been taught. I HIGHLY recommend you read his story. if it doesn't inspire you to broaden your outlook, whatever it may be, I'd be very surprised. It helped me see that in many issues, not just sexual orientation, we should keep an open mind to solutions unconsidered.

In church last week, we discussed womanhood/motherhood in relief society (all women's meeting). we were talking about women who are mothers and also have careers. there were many interesting perspectives, but the one that had the greatest impact came from a woman behind me. she said, "we should all just trust each. trust that each of us sisters are doing the best we can and not make anyone's life harder than it already is. we need to just support each other".  (or something like that)

I was so humbled by her comment. and very grateful for it. I know I've been missing opportunities to be supportive. to trust and not judge or make assumptions. in the end it is my our job to love others. if I am really doing that job right there is no room to judge, assume, pity, belittle, condescend, or neglect. I am not perfect and I will continue to make mistakes but I'd rather make mistakes because I gave people too much trust, not too little.


  1. That comment is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it. I know I need to remember that and practice it daily.

  2. That comment is beautiful and inspiring! Thank you.


thx a mill


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