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"The things that bug me about you never meant anything compared to how much I love you."

I've drafted up what I want to say in this post about 4 times already. after about a paragraph I just erase everything in frustration... I'm thinking to much about what everyone would think about it, but I'm just going to try and say it anyway. so let me start with the facts:

fact: I love my husband
fact:  I don't love him any less just because in all his greatness there are things he does that drive me bonkers
(and I'm certain vice versa)
fact: sometimes I have to work at being kind and patient when said things are driving me bonkers

awhile ago I saw a preview for a movie and the man told his woman that line above. I thought it was terribly romantic. you don't have to feel loving towards someone every single second to really love them. I don't think that because I am sometimes "working" at our relationship means that we are any less great together. some people would say that really great love should be effortless. a relationship shouldn't be work... you should never go to bed angry and all that, but I think sometimes a good night's rest will do wonders to solve a disagreement.

the kind of love I've always wanted is with a man who pushes me to work at being a better woman (more kind and patient) and while I will always continue to strive for peace in our home I don't feel badly when there is an argument or I want some space. I'm seeing those times as opportunities to grow (in love... together)

so yes, it's true, there are in fact things about the man I married that bug me, but they never stood a chance up against how much I love him and I think that's the important part.

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