let the games begin

did I mention that I like to go to the movies, especially midnight movies. oh yeah I think I did.
so naturally after securing tickets to the midnight hunger games showing erica and I made shirts. we followed these instructions which made it look easier than it is, but they came out pretty good. then we stamped "may the odds ever be in your favor" on back for good measure!
happy hunger games! 

wish I'd gotten a group shot.
also wish I hadn't been forced to wake up at 6:30am for a trip to DC after getting home at 3:30am after the movie. that was rough, but worth it.


  1. didn't you LOVE IT!? They really did such a good job.

  2. they really did. I loved it. my two issues were it was kinda shaky the camera was all over the place, did you feel like that? and I didn't always love the styling for katniss. other than that two giant thumbs up.


thx a mill


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