february daily

1: dress up a coat 2:mags 3: TJs and my new bag 4:kyle on tori & dean 5: meetings 6: vday cookies 7: mailing valentines 8:cake truffles 9:crafting/paintings night 10: lazy 11:bacon pancakes 12: note to self- start spring cleaning early 13: blue eyes weird facial expression 14: LOVE 15: photo shoot 16: c-cap event 17: grey’s tears 18: city bakery chocolate 19: I missed you coach 20: lyrics 21: chili davis 22: sandal weather in February ok by me 23: babysitting heaven 24: pinkberry Friday 25:early morning shoots & sbux 26:central park and city skyline 27: limes 28: steps class 29: spring cleaning officially started 


  1. I love that! Is the calendar an App? I take instagrams like it is my business but it would be great to challenge myself to a photo a day!

    1. its a special app and I love it! check out the January posts for links to the app and the photo a day challenge: http://www.vespatales.com/2012/02/january-daily.html


thx a mill


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