hang onto your hats

this here is the wildest longest ride post in the wilderness history
so weird.
there is this fun room in belle's library where lumiere will tell you what disney character you are/look most like. britty was tinkerbelle just like her aunt kaite! it was surprisingly accurate. 
brittany got a bit of everyone's frozen banana in exchange for a snuggle.
old iPhone was a lifesaver when brittany was too short for the big kids rides
there was a lot of dancing about of course
and some tired babies
ok! this was amazing. spencer got selected from a big crowd (I was jumping up and down practically tossing him in the jedi master's face, because I was not about to let him miss out) to have "jedi" training and fight darth vader. it was the cutest/most awesome thing ever. I love disney so much, haha. 
on day two the whole family wore our disney shirts compliments of the jensen family. haha we looked pretty cool!
of course there had to be some sword fighting too.
disney with family is honestly one of my most favorite things on the planet. I was in absolute heaven. can't wait for J and I to take our own family to the happiest place on earth one day.


  1. you must know that i love this post!!! and i also feel the same way about disney and family! you look beautiful :)

  2. I dont think ive ever seen so much Disney in my life! Love it.

  3. I love your family all in their disney shirts! That is Ryan's dream. Can we please all go next time you & J come?! I would love nothing more!


thx a mill


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