beachy keen

this year the third annual golden foosman cup had to be held a little early in california.
//we weren't that sad about it//

we did a little pre-gaming at the beach. the ladies and the babies sat in the sun eating flavored licorice while the boys did some surfing. then the guys went to play their tournament at a local bar... so girls/babies went back home to clean-up post beach. 

one wonderful thing about getting older is that my friendships have stemmed from a love and respect for each other rather than convenience/circumstance. I've made some awesome friends who really have become family, not because I see them everyday at school, or our parents are close, but because over time the people who are worth having around just became a real part of my life naturally. its been so great to have a home away from home here in our close friends and of course it's great when J and I get home to pick-up right where we left off with dear friends.  I guess there is a time and place for fair-weathered friends, but I sure appreciate the people in my life who have stuck around for all the seasons.

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  1. So fun to all be together! Love your photos, I have SO much to learn from you.


thx a mill


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