"always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse"

“It's kind of fun to do the impossible.”
- Walt Disney

{I have an embarrassingly deep love of disney}
I snapped these while we were on the rocking ferris wheel in california adventure on our last disney trip. half of us screaming in terror/motion sickness and half of us screaming with delight. brittany of course being the loudest.
a memory I will never forget.


  1. A dream and a mouse! I have always loved Walt Disney. His dream was to build the happiest place on earth. When he died, the whole world was sad.
    When I was a young girl we would stay at Disneyland long after the fireworks had dimmed. It was a magic time to be there..no crowds. In those days you could tell the Matterhorn operators "AGAIN!" and if there was no line they would run you though again.
    By far the most magic night of all was when my cousin spotted Mr. Walt Disney himself just inside the Castle entrance!! He was all by himself and when he realized we knew who he was, he waved and winked at us! I loved it that he was just walking around late at night enjoying his kingdom!!Thank you Walt for bringing so much joy, laughter, fantasy and screams of delight to millions!


thx a mill


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