may daily

1: still TJs biggest fan 2: devoured heaven is here 3: stole snugs 4: happy texts 5: pistachio gelato 6: riverside park 7: best day ever & a big leap of faith 8: sushi date 9: an outfit 10: t.a.l live 11: almond cookie baking 12: lunch date 13: i love my mum 14: hot lemon water 15: rainy 16: the great cookie quest 17: spring colors 18: quarter of a century 19: butterfly conservatory 20: team romney 21: master chef J cooks the perfect steak 22: marry me sea salt 23: sundaes & thrifting 24: I kept them both 25: ramen day date 26: cherry dipped cone 27: park day 28: beach! 29: harvey with erica 30: manhattanhenge 31: jam packed day of fun


  1. Haha! I love that you kept them both! Good for you!

    1. not my strongest moment but I just couldnt help it. im usually good about sending back, but for summer platforms there had to be an exception :)

      im dying to get to joe fresh and get some basics, im in such need!


thx a mill


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