asher & I

last saturday my sister and brother-in-law came to town for a wedding. I got the pleasure of looking after baby A while they danced the night away. I was so excited because I haven't seen asher since christmas. he's gotten way too big, even though I told him specifically not to grow when I saw him last.
it felt like a good afternoon for an adventure, so we loaded up and went looking for one
we thought we'd start our adventure with a walk along the brooklyn bridge
 but navigating the concrete jungle sometimes requires a power nap

and naturally a short snooze is often best followed by a pit stop
so we had ourselves a snack on the bench halfway between brooklyn and manhattan.
after that we were feeling quite happy!
so we continued towards brooklyn

when we'd explored to our hearts content, we went back to the hotel for some yams of course.
then there was a few minutes of swat the iphone before getting ready for bed
then stories, songs, a few laps around the hotel in stroller and it was lights out.
I love being an aunt!


  1. Why is it that babies do not respond to the "do not grow while I'm gone" instruction? He is too cute and you look fabulous!


thx a mill


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