the great cookie quest finale

my friend natalie has been on the hunt for the best chocolate chip cookie for months. after curating a collection of the best recipes and bakery bought cc cookies she could find she hosted a tasting and of course a vote.
there were several from the best bakeries the city could offer and plates of homemade versions. I'm telling you the cookie scent in that apartment nearly knocked you over upon entrance. plus the party decor could not have been any cuter.
had to snap a few of the adorable details around the holbrook home
huck of course provided the entertainment
for which we repaid him in cookie bites
he did an excellent  plate face number
this was my third round of cookies. awarding the title of best cc cookie requires a very detailed comparison and analysis of course.
in the end janelle's recipe made by natalie took the crown. I was in a cookie coma for days and I'm still thinking about those cookies. (levain was the winning bakery cookie, but I am morally opposed to levain for not having a cc cookie without nuts. its ludicrous) 
check natalie's post for recipes and more details about her cookie wizardry. 


  1. What a fantastic and fun idea!!

  2. I feel compelled to go bake up some chocolate chip cookies right this very minute!

  3. That second group pic is my favorite photo ever. Can I "borrow" it?


thx a mill


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