seize the day!

last week andrea & I scored orchestra seats to newsies!!! I loved every single minute. (although they did make some changes I wouldn't have made, but I won't spoil it.)

a couple highlights:
evan, alex, jess (some of my favorites from sytycd) were in the production. oh my can those guys dance!
- seeing travis wall and that girl from glee
- andrea & I sharing twizzlers, preztels, pringles, and sourpatch kids. YUM
- watching the grown man and his wife, in front of us, leap out of the chairs in a standing ovation at the end of the show. andrea asked if they knew somone in the show and the man said, "no, I wish!"
- the music and dancing of course
I'll never stop loving you jack kelly!


  1. Agreed about the changes, it so did not need the female reporter and I missed Bill Pullman's character a butt load. She was kind of annoying, don't you think? We will chat about this...

    1. yeah I didnt love her at all. it was frustrating, but I still loved it. i just cant figure out why they did it that way...


thx a mill


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