a quarter of a century later

it was a birthday for the books, people.
+my first drive on the scooter
+birthday wishes at work
+sushi for lunch
+a fresh mani/pedi
+dinner by j
+a birthday video from family
+cake and ice cream the friends
+ben and jerry's with my guy and a chick flick
jordan made a vanilla fun-fetti double layered cake!
the view
making a wish and then cuttin into my own cake
 to polish off the night we did a little lucky balloon launch
 the beautiful ladies in my life.
 jordan put together a video of clips of my parents and siblings singing songs and wishing my happy birthday for our dinnertime entertainment. couldn't resist giving you a little highlight:

{thank you everyone for all the birthday texts, calls, and messages. it meant the world! I couldn't have felt more loved. I know I am one lucky lady.}

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  1. Happy, happy Birthday love! What a perfect celebration for a perfect girl. Love that Jordan made your birthday cake! Tell him I am very impressed. xoxo


thx a mill


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