dear family of mine,

I love you so.
I love you watching you grow,
 and when you make treats.
I love sharing first times,
and seconds and thirds,
I love when we're playing
and making Dad laugh.
I love when you bust out old home movies
or write letters to those who are away.
I love when you ask tough questions
and give needed advice.
I love when you notice me,
and even when you think I'm not there.
I love when you find ways to show me you care.
but mostly I just love making memories
and I'm glad you are mine!

xxoo- yours always K.


  1. i really loved this post. your words are real and sincere. thanks for sharing. you are an amazing photographer.

  2. Well, we love you to bits!!! Thanks for sharing the sweetest memories!


thx a mill


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