ya can't win em all...

you really, really can't.
 even though sometimes I swear I know a few people who really do win them all
 (and win them by a landslide without even breaking a sweat)
 but deep down I know the truth...

the sooner you can learn to find the goodness in whatever circumstance you find yourself in the happier you will be.

sometimes I just find it so hard to let go. Its been a long/rough week. I feel drained.
 (the good news about that is I have plenty of ideas on where to get a re-fill)

looking forward to a replenishing weekend


  1. Good grief, how can such an exhausting week span a continent. I can't wait to just sleep tonight, hope you get a great rest and recharge : )



  2. you and me BOTH girl! we need to talk. i pray your week was better than mine. xo

  3. My week has literally been the exact same.I sware I know thoes same people too! Haha looking forward to that refil.


thx a mill


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