california dreamin: episode II

the grove aka the american girl store
can I just say how much I love the grove. the shops... the farmers market... the location. 
since we had all the lil girls in tow, we started at the american girl store.
{while the boys went to the la brea tar pits and dinosaur museum}
In our family your first american girl/bitty baby is like a rite of passage. 
britty had to have these bunny slippers.
{have also means put on immediately}
after some shopping we went over to the farmers market.
this is always fun because my mom would go there with her parents as a girl. it makes me feel connected to them somehow to sit under the same stripped umbrellas and imagine them all there years ago.
we ate some tasty food
certain littles recovered some hunger meltdowns
certain littles also fed snacks to other littles 
and we all had a wonderful time.

note to self: start getting yourself in at least one picture on an outing or it feels like you don't exist.


  1. Did you use the same lens for all of these pics? What lens was it?

  2. loving all of your photos!! how's life? there have been a few times i've wanted to call you recently (for one random reason or another) and I don't have your number! get it to me!!

  3. di- yeah I used the same lens. canon 24mm f/1.4L II. the L series is amazin.

    megara- freakin call me! ill fb you the numba


thx a mill


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