“home is not where you live, but where they understand you”

-Christian Morganstern 
the weather lately (well disregarding the past three days) has been perfection.
for a little family time we took a walk downtown along the hudson with the combs & the spencers (some of our nyc family) on a lovely monday night a few weeks ago
I miss california on a daily basis, but this city has really started to feel like home. It has definitely shaped me like no other place I have lived. 
 I've probably said all this before, but it's true. even on days when living here exhausts me I am grateful that we do. 
sometimes it's loud, and it smells, but it's home.

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  1. My heart is hurting just a wee bit (okay, maybe a lot bit) inside that we couldn't make it out this fall. Sigh.


thx a mill


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