a dancer's dilemma

last night I was flipping through glossy vogue pages (i love the way the pages smell) when I came across an article written by a dancer about body image. I wish I could link up to it, but I can't find it online. It's page 280 in the october issue. anyways--- I sincerely related to her words. I spend WAY too much time thinking about my body, my health, and the way I feel about who I am. sometimes I think if I put as much energy into fitness as I wasted thinking about it I'd be in olympic shape. I feel guilt and I've been afraid to try and I really can't avoid training for this anymore, but after reading some of what meg howrey had to say I started to feel something else.

"a compliment had once been paid her that, being repeated to her, gave her greater pleasure that anything she had ever heard. 'A pretty woman?' someone had said. 'Why, her features are very bad.' 'I don't know about her features,' a very discerning observer had answered, 'but she carries her head like a pretty woman.' " The Europeans 

" If I know anything, I know that to do something well means you have to do it a lot. You have to train. You have to absorb technique in order to be able to transcend it. And -  this is important  - you have to forgive yourself for failing to achieve it constantly. You have to take the long view and trust that you will get better, that your understanding will grow, that there is a process to all the things that matter most in life, and that the best things are difficult. Difficult is good. And so I'm practicing. I'm working on it. I am training to remember to carry my head like a pretty woman. And I'm hoping that eventually, this will feel... normal." 

and blogging girl's resolution:
we all know how I love challenges. when I saw this simple one, I was instantly on board. these are the things I am doing to train myself. to encourage my mind and body to reflect the "pretty woman" with her head held high, that I want to be. inside and out!


  1. Oh I love this and I may have to jump on board too! Thnx for sharing!

    1. totally jump on board with me. it'll be fun to have someone to do it with. hey will you guys be in CA for thanksgiving?

  2. Agreed! Such a great list. I think sometimes as women we overwhelm ourselves by trying to do everything all at once, instead of simply just focusing on one thing at a time.

    Great reminder!

    1. totally whitney! this challenge has been awesome so far, you should jump on board.


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