pumpkins for weekly wellness

haven't been posting much about weekly wellness. whoops.
sorta fell off the wagon with the week of rest since that week allowed for very little conventional resting. it did turn out to be one of the most rejuvenating weeks EVER.  

and now here we are staring at the middle of week 4... unplug. i gotta say, never found that joy from disconnecting from technology. i enjoy being connected. 99% of the times its liberating and inspiring for me. so this week i am just disconnecting from the things in my life that are negative. doing that makes me want to fill the gaps with stuff that is positive. this time of year that tends to be anything pumpkin!
so i'm starting with this

also on the menu:
pumpkin cinnamon rolls
pumpkin mini muffins
pumpkin pasta
pumpkin pancakes

and anything else pumpkiny i can get my hands on

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