over the river and through the woods

we checked a few items off the autumn checklist with this afternoon. half the fun of this outing was the drive. i miss driving. i miss cars in general. {taxis do not count as cars, they are more like carnival rides that are sketchy/give you motion sickness} it was so nice to just hop in, play the radio, and relax. 
we drove up to a little place called heaven, where we celebrated jordan's bday last year.
choruses of angels singing...
the one bad thing about fall... spidey season
we had a light lunch {had to save room for the donuts to come}
sadly the cafe was good, but not nearly as wonderful as the restaurant. that said the peach jam i bought BLEW MY MIND. ive been having toast and jam everyday since. 
off to pick us some apples as per tradition {I & II}
we both wished we had worn shorts and sandals. it was a very warm fall day. can't win em all. we did however see the cutest toddler draggin along his apple basket singing about "team work" 
that was a win. 
this was the other win!
we picked out a perfect medium sized pumpkin for dinner in pumpkin!
and we took some apple raspberry pie a la mode for the road, YUM!


  1. Have you considered making the Pioneer Woman's jam bars with your peach jam? So delish!

    1. would have been a fantastic idea if the jar wasn't essentially gone already :)

  2. Loving these pics! I totally want to go to this place. Looks amazing.

    ps. You hair is looking bomb as of lately. I'm loving it!


thx a mill


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