changing of the coats

i will never give up on my dream for a closet big enough to house a chest of drawers in middle. this one below is courtesy of one of the kardashian sisters. helpful hint- dont google pictures of their closets, it gets so much more depressing than this.

this time of year i usually do a few things with regards to my wardrobe:
+pack away the summery things and rearrange the cold weather gear
+feel like i don't have enough sweaters
+try but fail to get rid of some of my scarves

all the closet reorganization usually launches me into a full blown stuff assessment and semi panic attack. too much stuff everywhere. STUFF OVERLOAD. the other day I saw this little lovely:

love this philosophy! now instead of panicking i'm asking myself

is this beautiful?
is it useful?
if the answer to both is no, than i know what to do with it!
{victory points if the answer to both is yes}

also can we talk about this? i'd kill for a washer dryer in my closet.

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  1. Love this post! We are moving this week & I have been sorting/ de junking every inch of my house. I have the hardest time parting with things! But I will remember & keep in mind that little quote you shared. Perfect reminder!


thx a mill


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