died and went to heaven.

for jordans birthday I got reservations to blue hill at stone barns. 
its a restaurant on a farm about thirty minutes outside of the city. it was the most amazing dining experience of my life. both jordan and I were mind boggled by the whole thing. I hate to use this word, but honestly it was kind of a magical experience.

we drove up early so we could wander around the grounds. when I think about it now it was a little weird to see all the animals and know we were going to be eating them later, but it didn't bother me at the time.

I put on my jellies to wander the grounds. the greenhouses were my favorite.
here we are!
ladies and gentleman: my husband farmer style
for histories sake I had to document what we ate:

tomato water gespatcho
vegetables from the farm: carrot, tomato, fennel
crispy green beans
tiny tomato burger
summer squash in panchetta and sesame seeds
summer salad: grilled cantaloupe, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh mozzarella, sun dried tomatos
lobster on corn chowder
poached egg on brioche toast with procuitto
warm tomato onion bread with butter and tomato and kale salt
pork medallions, pork belly, bean salad, and new potato
red jacket apricots, blackberries and toasted almond ice cream
strawberry lime soda, summer berries, peach, and chocolate covered hazelnut
chocolate mint tea


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  1. Oo, I want to go there so bad! I've been to Rockefeller State Park with my in-laws and ran past the stone barns, but I've never actually eaten there. So jealous...

    North Meets South


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