soup, sweaters, & cider

+10 best fictional boyfriends. hilarious 
+caramel apple grilled cheese YES please
+ you bet i made a pinterest board to express my love of fall leaves
+LV 2013 spring and summer, just love these shoots
+everyone is talking about this I know, but I can't contain the joy about this heavenly opening

i noticed when i was at a friend's house last week, something marvelous hanging on her wall....
 an autumn to do list:
walk through the park everyday i can until all the leaves are gone
eat apple cider donuts
make some kind of donuts
soup, soup, and more soup
drive to blue hill cafe
go apple picking
make/eat dinner in a pumpkin
just plain apple cider
pumpkin scones from alice's
practical magic with halloween crafting

im sure the list will keep growing

happy fall friday!


  1. oh my gosh I LOVE the fictional boyfriend list. totally sharing!

  2. Loving your fall list of things to do! I must do the same.


thx a mill


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