trip to asia | vol.5 krabi

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so the last leg of the trip we went down south for some beach time.
i loved our hotel which was like it's own little city.
this is the tiger cave temple.
there we're monkeys everywhere! i was in heaven.
mama + baby monkey! GAH!
the hot springs
and again... me in heaven.
selfie was the name of the game
loved the emerald pool. just some natural awesomeness. there was a bit of a rain storm while we were swimming which made it all the more delightful.
spent a few days by the pool drinking virgin mojitos. best ones i've ever had.
i wore this pretty nerdy roll up sun hat most of the trip. its a life changer for traveling.
whats weird is that we had some really good italian food while we were in asia. sometimes i got dressed for dinner see above :) other times a wet swim suit and cover-up was about all i could manage.

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