trip to asia | vol. 1 arrival/hong kong

bec I was trying to be budget general i booked the cheapest southwest flights to SFO (where we were catching our flight to hong kong. so after staying up all night to flight jetlag and finish packing we caught a 600am flight with a 2 hour layover before landing in SFO. jordan was not please to say the least haha, but i love SWA.
we grabbed some tasty mexican at SFO.
apparently SFO has some good light. free photoshop effect! i was soooooo excited to board.
some the essentials. hello kitty nails, our travel book, and gelato.
jordan had the genius idea of downloading a few seasons of our fav tv show which was a HUGE lifesaver on the14 hours over. so much easier to watch something addicting than movie after movie. also the sleep mask was a game changer... even though i look like batman.

we landed 14s hrs later and it was evening of the next day. we grabbed dinner and conked out. the next day was jam packed.
we took the ferry to kowloon where jordan hunted down this amazing meal.

if you are ever in HK go there!!! get the bbq pork buns.
this ex new yorker has seen a lot of scaffolding, but never made of bamboo. thought is was pretty good stuff. 
when i first traveled out of the country at 16 i made it a habit of taking my photo in front of every tiffany's i came across. cant give up now.
this is the tram to victoria peak. SUPER AMAZING. 
i know... look we didn't mean to match it just happened. hashtag old married couple.

it was just so breathe taking!
im a BIG sucker for hotel robs/slippers
then there was DISNEY!
for my senior year graduation trip i picked france/greece. my mom and i planned the trip and somehow my brother brandon jumped on board for part of it. fine by me. on one of the last days in france i was dying to go to disney paris, but it was both out of our way and expensive. rockstar brother that he is brandon navigated us by train after a long day at versailles and we arrived a few hours before closing. since tons of people were leaving the park he convinced me we should look for english speaking tourists and ask for their tickets. we took turns and eventually found a couple. we ran through the park riding rides. it was a night i will never forget.

so when jordan told me disney hong kong was not far i really wanted to make it happen. i did my best persuasion on jray and we spent the evening exploring hong kong's version of disneyland.
small world! seemed fitting across the world form home.
this part looks a lot like home.
maybe bec it was hot and we hit the second half of the day... or bec disney ca is SO crowed these days, but it kinda felt like we had the place to ourselves. we rode a ton of rides, some twice. the best part was their toystory land. super cute and fun new rides.
i felt like i would have been happy if we had turned around and flew right home after this. but we didnt :)

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