trip to asia | vol.4 chiang rai/bangkok

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our hotel in chiang rai was built on the water. dreamy.
& the pool over looked the river. yep that's a YA book. hit up the divergent series on this trip.
the white palace.
you guys should read about this place. so much story and detail. 
had to barrow a white wrap to enter the temple since I was wearing shorts.
you guys... i almost put NYC on there. whoops.
chiang rai market

then there was bangkok. that city is crazy man.
terminal 21 in bangkok. it's a pretty fancy mall. each floor has a different city theme. san fran, tokyo, rome. i could have spent a long time in that place. 
we were kinda obsessed with the scooter exhibit.
think that might be my dream scoot right there.
the weekend market. that was an experience. so many people... so many smells. not so much TP in the public bathrooms.
the breakfast spread at our hotel was a thing of dreams.
the best part was this berry frozen greek yogurt. couldn't get enough.
it kinda made NYC feel tiny.

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