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here's a sad truth about myself... i'm a complainer. i absolutely feel that we are all entitled to our own ways of dealing and what works for me is definitely talking it out. this however, doesn't validate complaining or speaking with reckless abandon. i was reading this a few months ago realized if i could just manage to slow myself down sometimes and re-focus i know i'd see there is not much to complain about. i also have to forgive myself for doing damage if i want to try and repair it. so anyways this my regular "note-to-self" journal entry under the category "do better" love, me


  1. you are so brave for recognizing this about yourself and being willing to talk about it. i think that's a huge step right there. i too noticed that i've started complaining more lately. it's an easy thing to fall into. thank goodness we have the spirit to help us, right?

    1. thanks boo! :) i feel like the more i point out my own flaws the less people can fault me for them. hahaha not true i know but it does help me be mindful of what i need to work on :) glad we have guidance in God and good friends to help us, for sure!

  2. Girl - You're speaking my language! I have always had a problem with complaining. It's really hard. I'm glad I am not the only one. The moment it comes out of my mouth - I regret it.

    Thanks for sharing! Happy to have found and now be following your blog =)

    Have a pretty day!


    1. your blog is so cute too! yay for blog friends!


thx a mill


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