why, yes I did

 I somehow wrangled the girls into joining me for the midnight breaking dawn showing.
we arrived a mere two hours early in our converse (& me in my pjs) with our totes of goodies/snacks in hand. 
If I was being honest (which I clearly I am) I'd tell you I did let out a cheer when the hunger games preview showed up. I surprised even myself with the excitement I felt for that one.
we had a pretty good time chit-chatting, snacking, movie watching, & jacob loving. then we carried our tired selves home. finally at 3am I shut my little eyelids and passed out. 

waking up today was a little rough. (my first words may or may not have been I'm so tired I'm gonna puke) for some strange reason jordan was making cookies at 645am this morning (blatantly disregarding my pleas to "pipe down")... but I must say if you have to wake up to a twilight hangover that's the way to do it. 
the smell of warm cookies is a cure-all. 

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  1. Haha! I'm not up to a midnight showing of Twilight, but Hunger Games? I think I can brave the hang-over/exhaustion for Hunger Games.

    Baking cookies at 645? Spencer needs to take notes!

    North Meets South


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