starry eyed surprise


+who's with me on this? momastery takes blows my mind with every post.
+oh target you get me every time. (found here)
+going to see this chick flick tonight. love girls night out

that's all. happy weekend!


a dancer's dilemma

last night I was flipping through glossy vogue pages (i love the way the pages smell) when I came across an article written by a dancer about body image. I wish I could link up to it, but I can't find it online. It's page 280 in the october issue. anyways--- I sincerely related to her words. I spend WAY too much time thinking about my body, my health, and the way I feel about who I am. sometimes I think if I put as much energy into fitness as I wasted thinking about it I'd be in olympic shape. I feel guilt and I've been afraid to try and I really can't avoid training for this anymore, but after reading some of what meg howrey had to say I started to feel something else.

"a compliment had once been paid her that, being repeated to her, gave her greater pleasure that anything she had ever heard. 'A pretty woman?' someone had said. 'Why, her features are very bad.' 'I don't know about her features,' a very discerning observer had answered, 'but she carries her head like a pretty woman.' " The Europeans 

" If I know anything, I know that to do something well means you have to do it a lot. You have to train. You have to absorb technique in order to be able to transcend it. And -  this is important  - you have to forgive yourself for failing to achieve it constantly. You have to take the long view and trust that you will get better, that your understanding will grow, that there is a process to all the things that matter most in life, and that the best things are difficult. Difficult is good. And so I'm practicing. I'm working on it. I am training to remember to carry my head like a pretty woman. And I'm hoping that eventually, this will feel... normal." 

and blogging girl's resolution:
we all know how I love challenges. when I saw this simple one, I was instantly on board. these are the things I am doing to train myself. to encourage my mind and body to reflect the "pretty woman" with her head held high, that I want to be. inside and out!


what's stopping you

I got lazy on friday, but here's what I wanted to say:
the changing of the seasons always gives me a burst of energy. things start to get chilly and it's like the wind carries a fiery current. something about the fall (+nyc) makes me feel like something big is waiting around the corner. it feels me with a buzz to do work and make things happen. so I'm forgetting excuses and expanding my mind these days. stretching the possibilities and seeking out fresh perspective. here's some inspiration: 

+forget the rules. winter white duh!
+so well said. a religious artist's perspective on the human form and nudity. read this! (found here)
+shay bought her tickets and she's coming to visit in november. working up the courage to do this together.
+tonight is the first session of my class at nyu. can't wait!

here's to a weekend week of making it happen.


s family portraits at the pool

on one of the most humid days I can remember I met this cute family in the park for a photo session. it was so hideously humid the glass on my lens instantly fogged up when I took off my lens cap. eek! somehow their whole family didn't seem to shine a bit while I felt like I was dripping sweat and swimming through the summer air. but we all made it out alive with some pretty fantastic shoots, if I do say so myself. 
the rest here


mountains & hand spun peach shakes

our trip:
so much good food// blue lemon stop that
toured la nay ferme// ah the smell of fresh basil
alpine slides// screamed the whole way down
hot tubbed// things about living in ny that you miss out on
game night// played real murder in the dark and nearly peed my pants
tried the chick fil a peach shake for the first time// blew my mind
checked out bridal veil falls// i miss open space
provo beach resort// kicked jordan's butt at skee ball but he smoked me at dance revolution
 saw a life sized scarlett poster// oh rhett
loved on lola// drove her around the parking lot in circles for a good 30 mintues
jordan joined insta// finally!
visited the sweet tooth fairy// hello nutella crepe cupcake, where have you been all my life?
wandered campus// go cougs

a pretty bomb celebration of 3 married years. j did some stellar trip planning and I was so grateful for it. I think there may be a little room in my heart for ut...
maybe, just maybe. 


brightly colored

in august kelsea and I ran a fun 5K called the color run. volunteers toss colored powder along the track so you come out all tie dyed by the end. here were are nice and clean on the train to brooklyn for the race.
kelsea just maxin and relaxin
the line for the bus to get to the race site was ridiculous so we jumped on a shuttle and made it just in time.
get ready...
and we are off! my face is already getting red. (I have the worst workout red face on the planet.)
getting colored up!
we did it!
kelsea's face is extra pink here because I accidentally whipped her in the face with my packet of pink powder when we were dancing our butts off. whoops!
party rockin
then we rewarded ourselves with a BIG breakfast. the server could not stop asking about how we were gonna get all that "paint" off. haha
{its hard to dance and film at the same time.}



we did some first rate stalking (in between the shopping) this year!
first up bethenny:
and this random bravo host
I tried to pull one of those act like you belong here maneuvers where you sneak across the security ropes and hope no one notices. unfortunately I choose to do it in the same area we'd been standing for 20 mins right next to a security guard. busted. guess im not ready to hang with neil caffery yet.  

then we went to benefit counter to stalk emily. she brought jef with her. bonus stalking points.
my pictures were all terrible because I was looking at them and not focusing the camera haha. whoops.
she was surprisingly sweet/normal for a supposed cheater. people- I dare say they're really in love... I think... I hope. haha.
we did good! 
my pajama pants as jordan calls them (even though they are denim) are not the most stealthy. I blame getting caught on my pants.


love a good twirl

+how cool are these glass shells
+target is doing limited edition warhol inspired soup cans
+need an excuse for girls night
+should I switch back to verizon for this. not sure
+too... too true

happy friday!


sunday stroll: the conservatory garden

when melissa came to visit we all went for a sunday afternoon walk at the conservatory garden. I can't believe it was the first time I'd been over there. it's LOVELY! I took lots of pictures of the pretty stuff.
I'm kinda crazy about these colors. we (kelsea, melissa and I) all decided we;d like to have a secret garden. this is what mine would look like.
when she wasn't taking important calls kelsea was telling us all the names of the flowers. that little florist!
I didn't scoop up any baby bumble bees though there were a lot buzzing around.
can you spot the giant bee in this one?


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