wrong roads

i always thought going to down the wrong road was all about learning from your mistakes. it never occurred to me that sometimes we are lead down the wrong path so that when we change course we can have confidence in our decision. really comforting.



vegas baby!

catch ya on the flip side. gonna be busy this weekend with my original baby girls.


dad's beach bonfire bday

well this is WAY overdue. fall has been a whirlwind. so i guess this peek back into summer is nice. we got to spend a good amount of time in CA first half of the year. heavenly. in august we celebrated floydie's bday at the beach. it was a little last minute, but glad almost everyone could make it. can't wait to get home for a visit over the holidays.
sandy mouth!
love this family of mine.


october daily

1: sephora samples 2: closet clean-out 3: FRIENDS 4: juice cleanse 5: family lunch 6: boots! 7: doubts 8: new office set up 9: off to NYC 10: home away from home 11: levain 12: soho 13: taxi time 14: lunch with co-workers 15: scouting 16: wearing my teddy lipstick 17: sweats 18: lularoe 19: sugarcookies 20: all things pumpkin 24: no more excuses 22: reading list 23: reminiscing 24: baby bea 25: coding 26: pizza date 27: editing 28: mtns 29: obama 30: party prep 31: happy halloween!


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