two roads

right now I am standing at a crossroad. the ground is warm beneath my feet. to my left is to the easy way and to my right the unknown.

easy street is calling my name... reminding me how well we know each other. and that's what makes the easy road so tempting, not because it's less work but because it is familiar to me. I've become afraid of unfamiliar terrain. I know I can move swiftly down the smooth length of easy street under the comfortable shade of the trees. there is no pressure on the easy road, it's just a place to coast along.

but everyone knows you are rarely where you really want to be after taking the easy road. still, time after time when I've found myself looking out on an expanse of possibilities, I've thought "it will be easier less painful to just not believe in myself. instead I will let myself just skim over the top of achievement. only letting my toes touch the water... just in case.
just in case I am unprepared in someway for what is ahead.
just in case I fail.
just in case I get in over my head.
just in case I'm not brave enough.

now it seems I've made a bad habit of letting my fear of failure the unknown keep me from truly trying.

 right now my life is taking unexpected turns and the pieces of my dreams are coming together like never before. I know the stakes are high now and I am NOT willing to miss out on my dreams because I didn't give 100%

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  1. Girl To me, you have always been the bravest of brave. You can do whatever your heart desires and you face fear head on. I'd be so scared to do half the things you have. Take a chance, that's usually when you grow the most!


thx a mill


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