in a few short hours

this will be me!

and by this I mean getting on a plane yes, but in leggings, ballet flats, and a pony tail with WAY too much luggage to be any kind of glamorous. but on a plane none the less. off to celebrate 3 years with j! the best way to send off summer. see you next week!


dont go summer

I love fall I do, its my favorite, but I always feel guilty getting anxious for her to come because it feels like Im pushing summer away. slow, sunny, sweet summer. just a few more weeks of sandals and she's gone. here are a few happy things to distract from the end of summer blues.

+ can't get over this beautiful fabric line by sarah jane: out to sea
+ finally, took em long enough!
+ giggle and blush every time
+ made these cookie butter cookies last weekend. one word: success
+ tomorrow is the color run and im pretty excited although, more unsure they ever how I'm going to finish the half marathon I signed up for. help!



sometimes I feel like I've got all my mistakes/failures/heartaches strapped to my back. (am I alone?) sometimes it gets so heavy it gets hard to move. what to do with all that baggage? the answer is simple I guess, stop carrying it around. 

 this was beautifully worded reminder to forgive myself and others. read it... I bet it will change your heart too.


for real

"anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly."
rose franken, writer
thanks for the last 1095 days of silly... happy, goofy, lovely, weird, growing, learning, & loving.
here's to all the rest.

1095 days

happy 3 years

now that I have you, I have everything.


it gets better with trust

can I start by saying, I know this can be a very sensitive subject. my opinions and comment in this post honestly come from a place of love.

a few months ago I saw this video floating around facebook. I watched it a couple times. I found myself bringing it up in conversation with a lot of my friends, particularly those who are LDS, in the weeks following. after lots of taking/pondering with friends and family my mind has been opened in many ways and I wanted to share my thoughts here.

while I initially felt good things about the fact that these types of conversations among my mormon peers are happening I have to admit I felt some sadness after watching this clip. I think the ultimate goal of this video was to ignite hope, but it left me feeling more the opposite. I was uplifted to hear personal experiences about the peace and joy that comes from accepting yourself and coming to know God, but I couldn't help ask, what next? what do you do after you've accepted yourself... what does you life look like after that...

I couldn't stop thinking about it. then I read this story. it is certainly not the way it works for everyone, but it was incredibly eye opening for me. it is a detailed personal account of a man who is gay and chose to be in a heterosexual marriage. like I said not for everyone, but reading his experience helped me to see that there are answers. there are more approaches than the ones I've experienced or have been taught. I HIGHLY recommend you read his story. if it doesn't inspire you to broaden your outlook, whatever it may be, I'd be very surprised. It helped me see that in many issues, not just sexual orientation, we should keep an open mind to solutions unconsidered.

In church last week, we discussed womanhood/motherhood in relief society (all women's meeting). we were talking about women who are mothers and also have careers. there were many interesting perspectives, but the one that had the greatest impact came from a woman behind me. she said, "we should all just trust each. trust that each of us sisters are doing the best we can and not make anyone's life harder than it already is. we need to just support each other".  (or something like that)

I was so humbled by her comment. and very grateful for it. I know I've been missing opportunities to be supportive. to trust and not judge or make assumptions. in the end it is my our job to love others. if I am really doing that job right there is no room to judge, assume, pity, belittle, condescend, or neglect. I am not perfect and I will continue to make mistakes but I'd rather make mistakes because I gave people too much trust, not too little.


so VERY overdue

but better late than never.

I spent a couple days of the trip unpacking boxes from high school. I worked my butt off to make sure everything that was left was taken care of when I got home and I know there was so much work done before I got there. I just wanted to give a HUGE

to all the people who packed up for me and helped my parents move everything. there are not words to say how much we appreciate everyone's help when we couldn't be there. so grateful for the support!


pack it up, pack in it

there's been a lot of packing in my life lately. so I thought I'd share some of the packing and travel trips I've found/figured out.
+how to bundle clothing. rolling is also a huge space saver!
+a microbead travel pillow & sleep mask are a must. don't know what it took so long for me to figure out travel pillows... they make such a big difference on a flight.
+over the ear headphones are SO much more comfortable and you don't have to max the volume to hear.
+hydration, hydration, hydration!
some travel rules I liked straight from GOOP
1. The Travel Drawer: Before you go anywhere, start a travel drawer that includes: a passport, coin purse, travel adapters, sunglasses, phrase books, maps, guides and swimsuits. You can take this a step further by creating The Travel Beauty Drawer.
2. Roll Your Clothing: I acquired this tip from a flight attendant - they always have the smallest bags. Tightly roll casual trousers, t -shirts and shorts - this also minimizes wrinkling. (Naturally, we don’t advise this for evening wear or designer dress suits.)
3. The Suitcase: While overstuffing your suitcase can damage your clothing, lots of empty space can also cause creasing. Fill up empty spaces with white tissue paper and place a towel over the top.
4. Security Savvy: Always remember to have two identity luggage tags on your case, including one on the inside, in case the outside label gets ripped off.
5. Tissue paper and more tissue paper! I buy reams of tissue paper for placing between shirts and knitwear; it really is the best way to keep clothes in shape. Plus it feels like you have been shopping a fabulous boutique when you’re unpacking at the other end!
6. The Travel Pouch: A shameless plug. Those leather passport and boarding pass holders are such a waste of time, as you’re forever having to take everything out anyway. In my travel pouch I keep my smart phone, passport, boarding pass, money, sunglasses and a good book.

p.s. happy weekend


facts inspired by the preivews

"The things that bug me about you never meant anything compared to how much I love you."

I've drafted up what I want to say in this post about 4 times already. after about a paragraph I just erase everything in frustration... I'm thinking to much about what everyone would think about it, but I'm just going to try and say it anyway. so let me start with the facts:

fact: I love my husband
fact:  I don't love him any less just because in all his greatness there are things he does that drive me bonkers
(and I'm certain vice versa)
fact: sometimes I have to work at being kind and patient when said things are driving me bonkers

awhile ago I saw a preview for a movie and the man told his woman that line above. I thought it was terribly romantic. you don't have to feel loving towards someone every single second to really love them. I don't think that because I am sometimes "working" at our relationship means that we are any less great together. some people would say that really great love should be effortless. a relationship shouldn't be work... you should never go to bed angry and all that, but I think sometimes a good night's rest will do wonders to solve a disagreement.

the kind of love I've always wanted is with a man who pushes me to work at being a better woman (more kind and patient) and while I will always continue to strive for peace in our home I don't feel badly when there is an argument or I want some space. I'm seeing those times as opportunities to grow (in love... together)

so yes, it's true, there are in fact things about the man I married that bug me, but they never stood a chance up against how much I love him and I think that's the important part.


send off

timing was perfect this trip to CA. we happened to be there to hear my nephew shane speak in church and to send him off for two years of service in the philippines. his older brother has been serving there for almost two years and they would have just missed seeing each other by a few months if he'd not been called to the philippines too. pretty awesome.
after church we had a nice afternoon of susie's delish fried rice and family fun.
we love asher!!!!!
good luck shaney. we love and miss you!


catch-up game

I'm flying solo this weekend {which calls for distractions} here's a little list of the things I'll be playing catch-up with.

+a good list of reads. my, myself and I poolside
+lots and lots of photography
+trying to make some of this
+watching what I've missed of the olympics
+ trying to stay motivated. took too much time off

happy weekend!

family night at moonlight beach

growing up we spent monday nights in the summer at the beach for dinner and marshmallow's with friends/fam. I was so glad to catch a family night while we were in CA this trip.


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