seriously though...

i have a love affair with donuts. last weekend in at the brooklyn flea this awesome bakery called dough was selling their warm donuts. SO GOOD. i dream about those things.
 and also every party i host from here on out will have a donut tree.
that's all.


changing of the coats

i will never give up on my dream for a closet big enough to house a chest of drawers in middle. this one below is courtesy of one of the kardashian sisters. helpful hint- dont google pictures of their closets, it gets so much more depressing than this.

this time of year i usually do a few things with regards to my wardrobe:
+pack away the summery things and rearrange the cold weather gear
+feel like i don't have enough sweaters
+try but fail to get rid of some of my scarves

all the closet reorganization usually launches me into a full blown stuff assessment and semi panic attack. too much stuff everywhere. STUFF OVERLOAD. the other day I saw this little lovely:

love this philosophy! now instead of panicking i'm asking myself

is this beautiful?
is it useful?
if the answer to both is no, than i know what to do with it!
{victory points if the answer to both is yes}

also can we talk about this? i'd kill for a washer dryer in my closet.


over the river and through the woods

we checked a few items off the autumn checklist with this afternoon. half the fun of this outing was the drive. i miss driving. i miss cars in general. {taxis do not count as cars, they are more like carnival rides that are sketchy/give you motion sickness} it was so nice to just hop in, play the radio, and relax. 
we drove up to a little place called heaven, where we celebrated jordan's bday last year.
choruses of angels singing...
the one bad thing about fall... spidey season
we had a light lunch {had to save room for the donuts to come}
sadly the cafe was good, but not nearly as wonderful as the restaurant. that said the peach jam i bought BLEW MY MIND. ive been having toast and jam everyday since. 
off to pick us some apples as per tradition {I & II}
we both wished we had worn shorts and sandals. it was a very warm fall day. can't win em all. we did however see the cutest toddler draggin along his apple basket singing about "team work" 
that was a win. 
this was the other win!
we picked out a perfect medium sized pumpkin for dinner in pumpkin!
and we took some apple raspberry pie a la mode for the road, YUM!


pumpkins for weekly wellness

haven't been posting much about weekly wellness. whoops.
sorta fell off the wagon with the week of rest since that week allowed for very little conventional resting. it did turn out to be one of the most rejuvenating weeks EVER.  

and now here we are staring at the middle of week 4... unplug. i gotta say, never found that joy from disconnecting from technology. i enjoy being connected. 99% of the times its liberating and inspiring for me. so this week i am just disconnecting from the things in my life that are negative. doing that makes me want to fill the gaps with stuff that is positive. this time of year that tends to be anything pumpkin!
so i'm starting with this

also on the menu:
pumpkin cinnamon rolls
pumpkin mini muffins
pumpkin pasta
pumpkin pancakes

and anything else pumpkiny i can get my hands on


he sailed the ocean blue

right before columbus day j and I went to see the man himself, in his very own living room.
the view from his window
oh hey
really dug his wallpaper... chic yet modern :)
our gracious host
this living room party was bumpin
cc & me
cc is a well read man
this was such a strange/muggy day so naturally it was a strange/awkward hair day for me. dont judge.

go here to check out the public art fund's exhibit


soup, sweaters, & cider

+10 best fictional boyfriends. hilarious 
+caramel apple grilled cheese YES please
+ you bet i made a pinterest board to express my love of fall leaves
+LV 2013 spring and summer, just love these shoots
+everyone is talking about this I know, but I can't contain the joy about this heavenly opening

i noticed when i was at a friend's house last week, something marvelous hanging on her wall....
 an autumn to do list:
walk through the park everyday i can until all the leaves are gone
eat apple cider donuts
make some kind of donuts
soup, soup, and more soup
drive to blue hill cafe
go apple picking
make/eat dinner in a pumpkin
just plain apple cider
pumpkin scones from alice's
practical magic with halloween crafting

im sure the list will keep growing

happy fall friday!



I considered moving back to london just to maintain a solid friendship with these two rad newlyweds. 
see more here


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